Our Hollow, Our Home - In Moment // In Memory | Album Review

The breakout metalcore boys in Our Hollow, Our Home have been hard at it following 2017’s excellent debut Hartsick, a record which bellowed at everyone listening that OHOH were in it for the long haul.

In Moment // In Memory feels more like the proverbial melting pot of the bands collective thoughts. As a result, this record is a collection of tracks that provide any listener with that incurable itch to sing your lungs out and throw down until your neck needs a brace this album may be OHOH’s finest hour providing us with british metalcore at it’s finest.

Following the unfortunate passing of guitarist / vocalist Tobias Young’s father there is an overall message of unity and empathy flowing through the lyrics and feel of the album. In Moment // In Memory has a unique concept where the record has been split up into the five stages of grief, an interesting take on a modern day metalcore offering, and it strikes with a unique enough sound to stand OHOH out from the pack.

Leading with the single ‘Speak Of Sorrow’, the track is a perfect demonstration of what this band are capable of. The track found in the ‘Depression’ segment of the album is clearly the prime choice for a lead single, with its perfect blend of unifying clean / gang vocals to get you going along with those glass smashing screams all tied together with glittering dual guitar harmonies. It's an impactful mission statement from the band, making it perfectly apparent that OHOH are a force to be reckoned with in the metalcore scene.

The album as a whole is a variety pack of songs sure to have something for you whatever mood you're in. From the slowed down softer, touching track ‘Parting gift’ to the frantic, crushing sounds of tracks such as ‘Wraiths’ and ‘In Moment’ giving listeners a bit of everything to sink their teeth into.

That’s not to say that the album is flawless though, at times there are tracks which feel forced into having a breakdown for breakdowns sake, Also one or two tracks which may feel like a bit of a filler which may or may not miss the mark for some however this is a miniscule problem however compared to the rest of the album.

‘In Moment // In Memory’ is a fantastic demonstration of British metalcore for a band that is fairly fresh to the scene. Our Hollow, Our Home have delivered a personal, unifying record targeted to share the pain and experience with all who need it, producing an original sound breaking them away from the already crowded scene, cementing their well deserved spot at the top. Score: 8/10 Facebook:/ourhollowourhome Twitter: @OHOHOfficialUK