Atreyu - In Our Wake | Album Review

Long standing american metalcore kings Atreyu have returned with their newest venture; In Our Wake, the seventh studio album from the Cali boys, and it’s quite an experience. Following a two year tour of 2015’s Long Live album the bands return has been littered with fans clamouring for a return to Atreyu’s glory days where their sound was more distinctive and raw.

‘In Our Wake’ promises to be a conceptual experiment of an album, giving all the classic Atreyu sounds you have been craving with some new sounds sure to surprise and intrigue listeners.

The record opens with title track which stylistically feels very much like a safe bet, with a lack of impact or moments of note. The lyrics here follow a very heartfelt road, however the chorus fails to dig in to leave a lasting mark no matter how many times it is chanted.

In general though the record feels like a breath of fresh air, despite missing the mark in some areas; tracks such as ‘Super Hero’ bring the quality of the record forward. It sits as a twisted love child between the nostalgic brand of Atreyu metalcore mixed with anthemic melody horns and a cinematic orchestral feel, it's a turn that's unexpected but one that works surprisingly well.

You get a sense here that as a whole In Our Wake tries to pay tribute to the long spanning career of Atreyu, there's a heap of nostalgia embedded in the albums core. From the tingling classic vocals of Alex Varkatzas to the thrashing, relentless energy reverberating from the guitars and drum fills that litter the album - it's a clear cut sign that Atreyu are alive and well. Score: 7/10 Facebook:/Atreyu Twitter: @atreyuofficial