Just About Done - I Am Getting By | EP Review

Aussie pop punks Just About Done have yet again delivered a perfectly poised release, combining angsty grunge with infectious riffs to give us three hard-hitting singles in the form of I Am Getting By.

It’s clear from opening single 'Strain' that attitude is key to this band’s appeal – front woman Samantha McGee sets the tone of the EP from the off, oozing fire and frustration. This atmosphere is complimented by huge riffs that keep the energy high throughout this release.

'1029' is your bout of melancholy and frustration, with McGee’s lyricism at its most raw and honest point. Again, frustration takes centre stage in this single which is heavily complimented by a ferocious melody which the band perfect so well.

Whilst the EP takes a predominantly grunge style, pop punk essences are apparent, especially within the walls of 'Peacemaker'. Both riffs and vocals are bouncy and easy-going, which reinforces the band’s capability to produce the perfect pop-punk single. McGee’s incredible voice also gets the chance to take center stage here; her vocals are tight and brimming with potential.

I Am Getting By is an eclectic trio of singles that work incredibly well together. McGee’s vocals when paired with such a gritty sound make for the perfect junior release. This EP is certainly an insight into bigger and better things that this band can achieve and definitely puts them on the ones to watch list in 2019. Score: 8/10 Facebook:/JustAboutDoneBand Twitter: @justaboutdoneau