Wolf Girl - Every Now & Then | Album Review

Fans of indie pop hooks and fuss free lyrics are bound to fall in love with Londoners Wolf Girl. Their second album Every Now & Then is a collection of tunes that don’t try too hard to impress – which means they do just that.

‘Moody’ sets the tone of the album, with a clearly defined sound that blends pop punk with 80s style classic rock. Their sound may be nothing ground-breaking, but Wolf Girl’s no-nonsense lyrics certainly are. Bassist/vocalist Healy gets straight to the point in a youthful manner with the lyric “I think we should just make out”. While the vocals feel a bit lost amongst the guitar layers, they do plenty to give a unique feel to this track.

The bass tone and guitar hooks of ‘Maths in the Real World’ are bound to get heads bobbing in appreciation, while the tongue-in-cheek lyrics add some humour. Small issues with the mix does nothing to detract from the growth in this song, as the band play with different hooks and silences to emphasise Healy’s lyrics.

Leading single ‘Toast for Dinner lyrically centres itself around saying yes too often and struggling with feeling burnt out. It’s a fast-paced track with a pop punk sound and a melancholy feel. The verses are reserved while the choruses go all out. The heavier guitars contrast Healy’s softer vocal, and while this song sits at less than three minutes, it packs a punch with dual guitars, solos, and a solid bassline.

Each song on this album has a different tone or theme, but the lyrics are delivered in a very similar rhythm. Wolf Girl have signature elements that they include in their music, from their lyrical style to their catchy melodies. Every Now & Then sees the band step away from their safe zone and try new things, from the 60s style structure and sound of ‘Dream Partner’ to the saxophone played by Phil Whaite in ‘Breaking News’.

Wolf Girl have clearly showed their identity and growth with this record. In a music scene where everything is too similar, they’ve created an album that is a breath of fresh air.

Score: 7/10 Facebook:/wolfgirlband Twitter: @wolfgirl_uk


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