Introducing...Shred Kelly

Wherever it’s subliminally subconscious or not, it’s inevitable that an act will take influence and creative cues from their physical environment. Regardless if it’s midlands based metal groups creating grimy work influenced by dystopian metropolitan landscapes or the plethora of pop punk groups stereotypically creating art that laments their lacklustre home towns, the environment an artist surrounds themselves in will eventually seep into their output. Hailing from the beautiful and idyllic province of British Columbia, the Canadian alt-folk quintet Shred Kelly have taken the breath-taking beauty of their Canadian environment and infused it with their output, creating work that radiates an alluring oak scented ambiance.

Establishing themselves at the turn of the decade, the group released their full length debut Goodbye July in 2010. Since then the group released two further records in 2012 and 2015 respectively to applause and acclaim from both critics and their consistently growing fan base. With a constantly excellent and adventurous sound that bridges the gap between naturalistic folk integrity and luscious pop rock textures, the group have become a praised staple within the North American festival circuit and have been stated to become British Columbia’s hottest export. Whilst the group’s fanbase has been steadily expanding since their early days, their 2015 release, Sing To The Night, proved to be the initial catalyst for success. With its authentic folk ambiance, go-lucky charm, blistering string utilization and wondrous soundscapes that crescendo that swell with expansive instrumentation, Sing To The Night captured the attention of both the global folk and rock communities, with both scenes hotly anticipating their next move.

Whilst they swiftly became heroes within their home region, Shred Kelly now have the monumental task of establishing themselves on the global circuit. An intimidating task for any artist, but with finesse, charisma, skill and innovation, it’s accomplishable. Thankfully, their latest album Archipelago doesn’t just contain all these necessities, it shines with them. Released just last week, the record is the group’s most refined and ambitious offering to date and naturally builds upon their home-grown sound with elegance and dynamism. Not only is the record set to be Shred Kelly’s most successful release to date, it marks a significant milestone for the group’s label. Released via the German DevilDuck Records, Archipelago stands as the label’s first international signing and release, with DevilDuck now breaching into the worldwide market. With an emphasis on capturing the excitement of their renowned, foot-stamping live shows, Archipelago is set to be the body of work that will not only captivate the minds of the curious and good natured, but is destined to be the soundtrack to many good times and the record that introduces the world to the wonders and stories of the picturesque landscapes of the Canadian wilderness.

Shred Kelly will be touring the UK later this month in support of Archipelago. Dates below.