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When music becomes massively addictive and an individual is ordained in the vestry of heavy metal musicianship; then we tend to investigate inside the veins of the vibrant six-piece Swedish-Danish metal outfit known as Amaranthe. Amaranthe are soundly recognized as a zealous elite combining elements of antagonistic Metalcore, attractive Pop and overly emphasised Symphonic Metal into one formulaic foundation to cause a prevalent fever. This year snappishly symbolises the promising release of the bands fifth outing: ‘Helix’ that will be released into the remnants of the wild.

Fronted by the dashing female vocalist Elize Ryd, Dynatzty’s own Nils Molin and harsh vocal industrialist Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson; Amaranthe drive forcefully ahead combing their Dance-Metal fundamentals with melodic Power Metal fantasies through Helix to generate the exasperating opener ‘The Score’. Foremost, this track is decorated in feisty revolutionized electronic resonances that are soaked in highly fried metallic meaty riffs with catchy melodious vocal lines to kick-start the heart. If there’s an unbelievable launch hitting the jackpot like presented with album opener ‘The Score’; then there is going to be a high expectancy for what lies in store for the rest of this record and how Amaranthe’s conception is about to thrillingly unfold.

With the arrival of the ecstatic ‘365’, we have some vivacious heavy and electronic melodic Metalcore that provides an earth-shattering delivery across the most flamboyant track known to date in Amaranthe’s history, that could effortlessly sit healthy in the walled cabinets of the Eurovision song contest’s hall of fame. Just simply a mesmerizing and breath-taking composition that will unquestionably leave you enthusiastically asking for more and will undoubtedly leave your hairs standing up on the back of your neck; for the duration of the band’s fine weather forecast.

Title track ‘Helix’ is supplementary to more of a ventured complexity and is undoubtedly the most diverse song on the record. ‘Helix’ gracefully shares vocals extremely well between the three vocalists and the contrast between the different styles is more apparent than at any particularly noticeable point throughout this colossal effort. The bridge is the enchanting stronghold that makes this track an exclusive ride through waves of time, where Elize whispers the words “close your eyes and open your mind”; spellbindingly leaving your heart beating rapidly and reaching for more. Nils shines like the star he was born to be on this powerful number and he delightfully serves his performance.

Other prominent highs arrive with force riding from the enthralling ‘Dreams’; which is perfectly adequate to make you feel unconquerable and free from the chains of mankind. Likewise, with the impressive ‘My Haven’ that is dressed in a feel-good harmonious garment, whilst holding a gripping key change to conclude on the highest note. Finally, the intensely ornamented ‘Iconic ‘, which consists of a crunching riff that even Jim Root and Mick Thompson of Slipknot would be overly satisfied with.

Helix is undeniably the massively addictive love-affair, that was exceedingly left with highly peaked levels of anticipation; and will assuredly go on to be a contender for one of the most pompous releases of 2018 throughout the Melodic Metal scene. If you like your Metal snappishly layered and seasoned with a variety of different spices, then this astonishing record is solemnly released for you. Therefore, do not miss out on the multi-talented Amaranthe boarding on their immense and glorious European Tour this fall; you will not leave with an ounce of disappointment.

Score: 8/10 Facebook: /AmarantheBand Twitter: @Amaranthemetal


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