Chasing Dragons – Faction | Album Review

If there is a band that is difficult to place on the Metal genre spectrum; then one could suggest Chasing Dragons. Fronted by female vocalist Laurie Carnan, Chasing Dragons have already charmed the audiences of Amplified Festival and Hard Rock Hell with their chamber of dramatized dynamics and hefty charismatic allegiance. Releasing their debut album Faction; Chasing Dragons are equipped to pounce onto their prey with their own monumental spark of modified Metal.

Faction has been stared upon as a highly anticipated debut album for quite some time now. From the offset Faction emanates with the melodramatic outbursts and diversified vocals; evidently experienced in the band’s live shows and previous works. The intriguing introduction building the upmost tension really works elegantly, and rapidly brings attention before firing up the real extravagance that eventually gets underway.

Groove smothered riffs and chained hooks simply give the band an identity that would give an idolised figure a run for their money. Suddenly warped into smash and grab opener ‘How the World Turned Black’; the appeal certainly opens the airwaves to create an atmospheric bliss to eventually fade into shades of black. The gifted layered guitar parts and the cleverly disjointed rhythms of drummer Katie Bullock simply give this album so much more investment and offers a restoration of faith in the Metal world.

The highly determined ‘Like Gravity’ takes us above and beyond in a melodramatic surge of honesty and brutality. Melodic drifts moving through space and time together with the spiced grit of Laurie’s vocals are simply to die for, breaking all walls with a chorus to shift gravity.

A fight with humanity is for all costs; ‘Barenuckle Lover’ will take the world by storm and has enough passion to make society concealed or invisible. There is a momentous shift between the flavoured and feisty laid down guitar leads through to the pinnacle main riff to burst through your soul. Foremost, an element of Bullet for My Valentine is on display here with essences of Metalcore to claim victory over any type of Heavy Metal enthusiast. An essential pinpoint to admire is the captivating bridge that will haunt memories for years to come with its heart filled lyrics.

Evil is summoned from the pits of hell below through the ‘Devil in Her Eyes’. Unleashing the hellion is the main goal that we can solemnly spectate; with the agonising vocal melodies pulling under any hope of happiness throughout mankind. This is justly a whimsical piece of musical augmentation to capture the lifeforce of anything imagined into a deadly silence.

Electronic surfacing and agonising reflections from Laurie set the scene through the awe of dominance for the track ‘Whitehorse’. The dynamic presence is to be admired and appears as a breath-taking spell to be cast into the arms of millions. A definite highlight to remembered throughout the course of Chasing Dragons foreseeable future and musical career.

A mixture of Metal, emotion and determination has been the prime focus from this mesmerising debut and will unquestionably make a mark on the Metal world. Chasing Dragons usually are used to performing on smaller stages and appearing at minor festivals, however this is surely certain to change with the release of Faction. Whether it’s through this or the band’s likely sophomore album, Chasing Dragons have already pounced on the stage without any doubt or question to become colossal heavyweights.

Score: 9/10 Facebook: /chasingdragons Twitter: @xChasingDragons