7he 7ouch - Seventyseven | EP Review

In their debut EP Seventyseven, newcomers 7he 7ouch combine catchy alternative, and gritty rock ‘n’ roll to encapsulate the horror of having to flee from their financially-torn home of Greece to London. From politics to love, it’s a journey you need to join.

The five-piece have made it clear from the first chorus in opening track ‘Solution’ that these are songs designed for big stages. The anthemic instrumentation met with repetitive, chant-like lyrics create the illusion it’s being performed live right in front of you. However, Constantine’s unique vocals do suffer in this track simply due to poor mixing which causes the heavy riffs and intricate drum patterns overpower him.

Fortunately this issue doesn’t occur again throughout the rest of the EP and the strength in his voice comes through in following track ‘You Can’. This song’s emotive verses leading into power-rock choruses are reminiscent of Bon Jovi; a concept further enforced by Constantine’s Americanised style.

‘Knobs’ completely turns the EP on its head though as the heavy, riff-laden track allows for guitarist John to set the pace. Its enticing opening riff would have made this a strong contender for album opener and only apt for it to be one of the leading singles. The storming breakdown brings a taste of nu metal into the already eclectic mix, complemented by glam rock-styled vocal rhythms.

Seventyseven marks out 7he 7ouch as a band you definitely shouldn’t sleep on, as the fluidity of its style allows it to appeal to the masses. The turbulent trip through genres signifies the uncertainty the band has faced and, surprisingly, rather than diminish their overall sound, it enhances it in a way few other artists could achieve. Score: 9/10 Facebook:/7he7ouch Twitter: @7he7ouch