Napoleon - Epiphany | Album Review

Back again Melodic Hardcore unit Napoleon have produced their newest venture sophomore album; Epiphany and it has to be said that it’s seriously impressive.

Released November 2nd via Basick Records Epiphany is set to be the boldest and most impressive body of work yet. Following the guys debut album Newborn Mind, Exeter based Napoleon have been paving a way for themselves making their mark on the Melodic Hardcore scene; a place where you really have to be worth your salt to rise above and if this newest body of work is anything to go by the lads will have all the ammunition they would need.

After announcing details surrounding their latest album they released the single ‘Ignite’ along side it, which is a gleaming demonstration of what this rowdy lot is capable of. The whole track is a perfect symphony of some seriously impressive guitar melodies guaranteed to get your fingers twitching along, it feels like a well thought out and bigger sound coming from the boys which may take them onto bigger stages in the future. This track really is a fantastic forerunner for the album and a great indication for things to come.

The album, if anything, feels like a boast. An all or nothing demonstration of what they really can do with incredible work coming from guitarist Sam Osborn, a heavy hitter on the tech circuit right now and it’s not hard to see why. The album does take a few listens to really take it all in to understand the chaos and really appreciate just how much they have put into making this. At times there are moments you would like a quick breather before heading back into the fray which some tracks do not allow and keep the pace as fast and furious right till the end. However, this is a small pinprick of a problem compared to the rest of the album. Utilising singer Wes Thompson's full range favouring some more cleaner vocals, which are combined with melodies presented by the guitars tied together with some awesome drum fills. Achieving in a good handful of tracks of bouncy anthemic sound, which will be sure to get any crowd looking like a rough sea of bouncing bodies.

Taking note from what they have achieved with Newborn Mind and building on more of a signature sound, Epiphany comes together to present itself as the next stage of Napoleon. Looking like a well executed body of work this may be all they need, to really propel them into the spotlight and have their time in the big leagues with this release and rightly so.

Score: 8/10

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