The Algorithm - Compiler Optimization Techniques | Album review

The Algorithm for anyone who knows their brand of experimental insanity will know that they can’t really be placed in any genre or scene and that’s exactly how they like it. With their latest tech masterpiece Compiler Optimization Techniques proves to be the most experimental venture to date, a proverbial mixing pot of Dance, Metal, Prog, Electronica and everything else they decide to play around with to make an insane musical landscape, sure to provide something new and unique to the mix.

French born musician Remi Gallego embarked on his musical prodigy The Algorithm in 2009 and since has made 4 feature length albums each with its own theme and brand of experimentation. With Compiler Optimization Techniques Remi Gallego promises “I always had in mind making a record that would tell the story of my own self-development”. Now whether the tracks do tell a story would be completely abstract and hard to decipher. What each individual track does have instead, and sometimes there is so much going on in the tracks that you just get lost amongst the chaos of the flurry of noises being thrown at you, however doesn’t mean to say they aren’t a lot of fun, is a lot of originality and incredibly creative.

The album contains five tracks each spanning for seven to twelve minutes a track and for good reason, as each track is its own self contained audio journey; a cocktail mix of all different types of Dance music fused with Metal guitars and retro feeling synths backing it up. The prime example would be the shortest track on the album ‘Binary space’, the tip of the spear for the album, as its lead single it really does prove the evolution of The Algorithm. It starts with a really gritty, heavy guitar track and is pretty hectic from the get go, but after a moment it moves into calming twinkly sort of electronic synths, to which the guitars monstrous tones come back into the fold. The track gets progressively more chaotic and each segment brings its own feel and vibe throwing down to some Metal, then swiftly moving on to a more EDM vibe and it really works; giving off its own atmosphere and energy through the song, making sure you cannot predict what's next.

In its entirety Compiler Optimization Techniques is in true The Algorithm style as a chaotic mash of everything and everything to come together, to bring a truly unique and original balls to the wall sound, that you cannot help but get lost in its tripped out landscape of sound.

Score: 7/10

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