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Having only formed a short three years ago, the sounds and confidence present in Cambridge-based three-piece Goldbume is an enjoyable sensation for the ears. Their journey in the shadows has been building up to one big milestone for the group, which comes in the form of their debut album Husk.

Not ones to stick to pre-defined genres, Goldblume’s new release draws influence from math-rock, grunge, punk and alternative rock. Following on from 2017’s Go Figure EP, the sounds and overall atmosphere reeling from Husk is a mature step in the right direction for the trio. Their songwriting sees a leap forward with interesting tempo changes and musical layers that are present from the get go.

Taking a total two years to create and form, the tracks that appear on the completed Husk were inspired by dreams; riffs emerged in music stores and lyrics came into being on the lakefront’s of Milwaukee. This sense of surreal sensations clearly flow through the record and be identified amidst the interchanging drum beats and eerie vocal hooks.

The title track and opener ‘Husk’ eases you in for what is about to come and explore your ears. It features a party of percussion instruments to open before the intensities erupt. This track soon turns into a unrelenting exploration of styles and sounds that not continue through the remainder of the album.

They delve right into ‘Razor’, wasting no time to continue showing off their unique forms and altering rhythms that particularly shine in this song. With such bold and big sounds, it is incredible that it all comes from just three band members.

Melodic riffs brings ‘Fiendish’ into a softer introduction, which builds to an incredible peak of energy in the choruses. The relentless spirit calms even further with ‘Alice’, complete with acoustic guitars and a softly-spoken female vocal accompaniment. It’s more of a laid back approach which still proves to suit the trio.

The album winds down with ‘Loose Fruits Part I’ and the successive parts II and III. It takes on a gritty and dark atmosphere that remains persistent through the three tracks, each with their alternative spin. ‘Loose Fruits Part I’ embodies lots of heavier rock, ‘Part II’ embraces a country-styled pattern and ‘Part III’ sticks down an alternative route with plenty of cymbals.

Everything has been leading up to this for Goldblume; seeds planted in previously released singles have finally sprouted into something every fan has been eagerly awaiting. If you’re looking for something a bit different, bit quirky and something that will keep you on your toes, be sure to check out the latest endeavor from Goldblume.

Score: 7/10

Husk is released November 9th via Aaahh!!! Real Records

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Rating: 7/10


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