Can't Swim - This Too Won't Pass | Album Review

Hailing from New Jersey, the boys from Can't Swim have returned with their sophomore record, This Too Won't Pass. In short, it's an impressive attempt at following up the band's debut record Fail You Again, a record that only came out last year.

Although their impact in the pop punk scene hasn't been too deep yet, these powerhouses surely know how to make a dent. Combining emo-influenced rock music with some heavy screams, their sound is just as strongly perfected as it is a niche. Yet everything fits together oddly well.

Take a listen to the outro of lead single ‘My Queen’, where the way the words “you haunt me” are screamed, it's something to make your average metalcore band jealous. Both the melancholy and the aggression flow through front man Chris LoPorto's vocals. As yin and yang the rest of the band exerts these vibes just as well. Tracks like the album opener ‘What Have We Done’, the single ‘sometimes you meet the right people at the wrong time’ and the late album track ‘Amnesia 666’ are strong examples of this as well.

This Too Won't Pass is simply a smooth hybrid of emo rock and pop punk filled with hooks. Hooks for days. Writing such hooks and songs is definitely not as easy as it might seem, and the fact that the band can pull this off so well shows their competence. While not all on the record is sunshine, and some tracks feel under worked and rushed to the finish line, This Too Won't Pass is definitely a succinct, potent record. With it, Can't Swim are taking a step in the right direction. Still searching, but getting there. Score: 7.5/10 Facebook:/CantSwim Twitter: @CantSwim_