Live Review: Within Temptation w/ Ego Kill Talent | Brixton Academy | 13/11/2018

From The Silent Force into The Heart of Everything, lustrous Dutch symphonic and alternative metal heavyweights Within Temptation become perfectly irresistible with their exhilarating upcoming 2018 release Resist; championing a beaming supernova naturally robust enough to admiringly shepherd the mass of thousands into the paths of the luxurious grains of paradise. After a minimal break in the Within Temptation camp with flaming debonair vocalist Sharon Den Adel working on her solo project My Indigo and concentrating on family matters along with personal issues, the ferocious elite are back with a superlative promise to conquer the roots of the planet with their resplendent captivating live shows and savagely delivered branch of symphonically arranged heavy metal; crossing the British Channel, escorting their own marque of endless bouts with war, gripped with a consuming elemental wrath and an immediate quivering ambience, profoundly foot-locking into the heart of London at the astounding and attractive venue of Brixton Academy.

Rising from the deepest essence of Brazil, tonight’s very special guests are aberrant alternative rockers Ego Kill Talent (7); known for supporting colossal acts like Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters, whilst delivering all the goods aboard one titanic cargo vessel into the arms of buoyant and vibrant heavy rock fans all over the world. With the ethos of the theatrical venue filling up to a near brim, Ego Kill Talent invade the stage with a rag doll-esque performance decorated with thrillingly energetic outbursts and awe-inspiring commanding wavelengths to the pleasure of the surrounding audience; intensely capturing the eyes of individuals throughout their entire show and movement. Enthusiastic key tracks including the sublime ‘Heroes, Kings and Gods’ and the beguiling ‘Try (There Will Be Blood)’ hit home with the Tuesday night jam-packed Brixton Academy congregation in the sweetest fashion; lifting the heights of spirits with a stimulating satisfaction and carrying the goal of an intense heavy rock show over the peaking barricades. Nevertheless, Ego Kill Talent are oddly placed on tonight’s bill and do not entirely suit with the companionship of Within Temptation’s Symphonic intuition; moreover the band are to some extent alternative rock allies and are nearly touching the components of a metal band, but unfortunately the Brazilian horde do not quite sit well in comparison alongside the likes of a mammoth quintessential outfit like Within Temptation.

Out from the shadows of the dimmed lights of Brixton Academy with the quickest inception, Within Temptation (8) elegantly permeate the stage with retribution and potency; awe-inspiringly creating a tumultuous pandemonium virtually amongst the five thousand capacity on this remarkable and distinctive occasion with nostalgic wonderment. From the impressive apocalyptic drapes of the set, Within Temptation significantly transport and honestly display a tremendous catalogue of monumental hits, including the stupendously unforgettable single ‘Faster’, the jubilant melodious monster hit ‘Stand My Ground’ and the exceedingly evocative ‘Mother Earth’; warmly welcomed throughout the venue of fans, whilst generating joyous bundles of cheers and encouragement to the band’s upmost appreciative attention, gratification and splendour. With the contemporary album release of Resist not being distributed to stores until mid-December, Within Temptation decide to select five tracks from the basis of the record, noticeably confusing fans with unknown material; especially unconventionally favouring the first three songs of the setlist to be three new brand-spanking developed numbers from the pack that unusually have not been released yet prior to tonight’s Resist Tour performance, apart from the ornamental and enchanting single ‘The Reckoning’. Comprehensively, Within Temptation are a fundamental force to be reckoned with and are solely champions of their own symphonic masquerade ball experience; whether its on a spin of the band’s record or on a podium of the band’s epic live stage phenomenon.

The heart of everything is unquestionably the silent force of Within Temptation’s symphonic legacy and the giant elite remain perfectly irresistible up until this very present day; honourably taking homage in the souls of many fans all over the world and brutally appearing inside the relentless core of deepest mother earth. No matter what Within Temptation distribute off and on-stage, the colourful outfit always achieve illustrious results through superlative promise; harmoniously conquering the honest cultivation of various cultures and corners of the planet, labelling their elemental wrath of entertainment with the sextet’s indispensable brand of breath-taking symphonic heavy metal transposing through the luxurious grains and meteorological gardens of a glimmering alternative paradise. Within Temptation are candidly that desirable treasure chest in the pleasurable grasp of tomorrow’s daylight and wholeheartedly will always be the band raising the glorious banners up to the heavens with elementary pride; taking the celestial journey up to the divine stairway of the skies.