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A BBC TV star, brother, husband and friend. The line-up of British rock band The Wild Things is far from normal. With ‘American Assassin’ actress Sydney Rae White, husband Rob Kendrick, brother Cam White and drummer Pete Wheeler, the band have digressed from singles to their debut album You’re Really Something.

Simplicity can be a virtue, yet at its height a downfall too. Strip the basics further on this album and you will find yourself a band being ‘too simplistic’ – a record with little depth or layering. Even with the combining of rock, country and a 60's style, the tracks do lack a captivating interest.

‘Better Off Alone’ and ‘Tell Me Why’ are two of the prime examples. Listening alone, the tracks are simple, classic and fun. Listening together, or as a full run through of the album, things become repetitive quickly. Aside from the odd horn accent variation in ‘F.I.A’, or the heavier rock influence surrounding ‘Devils Witness’ (if the name didn’t give it away already), the tracks don’t have much to prove. Even so, the quartet made a rookie mistake – two acoustic ballads placed in succession. ‘Waterfall’ and ‘Better Off Alone’ are the downtempo, impacting tracks of an album. Looking at ‘You’re Really Something’ as a whole? To be blunt, it gets boring.

Yet, through the schematic approach The Wild Things bring, there are small hints of development in the tracks roots. ‘Skin & Bones’ is the most developed track on the album. Despite still embodying a stripped back approach, here is where this technique amplifies White’s vocals and lyricism to a new height. Even the addition of a quieter spoken word soliloquy at the songs centre brings a depth, a layering to a track hinting at the push the band need to take. Another track, angst themed ‘I Think You Can Do Better’, brings an feisty push, changing style half way through and bringing with it a much stronger beat.

No doubt that The Wild Things have put work into this album, but there’s always room for improvement. More depth and complexity to strengthen this bands releases, to bring out the glimpses of talent emerging. The foundation is set in stone, the only way is up.

Score: 6/10 Facebook:/TheWildThings Twitter: @TheWildThings


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