Introducing... Cutting Teeth

Introducing... Cutting Teeth.

Hailing from Yorkshire, the five piece are definitely out to turn heads with their latest release 'First Cut'. Charging and dominant riffs layered with commanding vocals and that's just the start of it. Start to finish the EP is an onslaught on the ears. Opener "Devils In Details" opens the EP like a huge kick to the nuts whilst "Life Of A Loser" shows off a little more technicality.

There is enough variance in the EP to make it more than a straight up metal album and the rock and roll elements applied throughout really set this apart from anything on the underground metal scene.

Having played with some of the great talent in the UK from rising underground stars Loathe and Parting Gift to supporting the likes of Bleed From Within and Martyr Defiled Cutting Teeth seem to be making all the right moves here. Someone needs to drop these guys on a huge tour in front big crowds and let their music do the rest.

FFO: While She Sleeps, August Burns Red, Texas In July (Yeah remember them!)

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