Introducing... FORT

It is a great time to be alive when looking at the South Wales rock scene. Some huge names are beginning to establish themselves (Dream State, Casey, Holding Absence) and it really feels like this is further inspiring the local talent to push the boundaries. Here is something a little different but no less talented...

Introducing... FORT. The band hail from Pontypool, South Wales and what they have managed to produce is nothing short of spectacular. Pulling off instrumental music is not easy. Expression without vocals can, for many bands, be like cutting off a limb but that is not the case here. Cramming in emotion and mental imagery the two songs on the bands Double A Side single total almost 12 mins! Upon finishing both "It's Dangerous To Go Alone... Take This" and "All That You Love Will Be Carried Away" the listener will definitely feel transported through a journey. FORT manage to produce one hell of a soundscape that is hugely uplifting and beyond impressive.

FORT are carrying the flag for instrumental post-rock in a great way. The sky is the limit on what can be produced and a debut album from this lot would be huge.

Check out the Double A Side Single HERE.

FFO: Sleepmakeswaves, And So I Watch You From Afar, Caspian

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