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With seven years of experience and two albums under their belt, South Carolina alt-rockers All Get Out return with what could quite possibly be their best and most versatile offering yet. No Bouquet stands proudly as a beautifully-crafted artistic masterstroke, littered with melodies that will leave you playing the album on repeat. Whether you're in the mood for something deep and melancholic, or in need of something to play at full volume and blast those blues away; No Bouquet has it all.

Getting off to a somewhat subdued start, the opening track 'Rose' begins as a delicate ballad-piece packed with emotion and backed by restrained, muted instrumentation, slowly building until the midway point brings with it heavy distorted guitars and crashing drums. Kicking the album off with such an unobtrusive, self-effacing track, instantly sets a powerful tone, wherein each of the following tracks build off that energy and create a sublime sense of progression.

One of the albums shining moments comes on the track 'Value'; wherein brilliant instrumentation combine with stunning lyricism and immense vocal prowess, in which forms a perfect storm of musicianship. The track instantly explodes with an American Football-esque guitar melody underpinned by the bouncy, distorted rhythm guitar and full-throttle drums. The cherry on top of the already great instrumentation is the striking vocal performance and what could easily be vocalist Nathan Hussey's best performance on the album. The vocal melody in the chorus section is bursting with energetic dexterity, and on first few listens, takes you by surprise as to where the melody leads you, rising and rising into the furthest reaches of his range. There is a reason this was the leading single for the record and it only takes one listen to see why: 'Value' is the band at their very best.

Immediately following 'Value' comes the impressive track 'God Damn', which completes the first sensational one-two punch on the album. A winding, technical guitar riff instantly builds a compelling atmosphere which suddenly erupts with the abrupt introduction of the rest of the band and the track blasts out of the gate. 'God Damn is a track with immense contrast: technicality, boundless energy, and crushing breakdowns combine to create a track bursting with the band's infectious character.

'Namesake' provides the album with a healthy dose of melancholy and appears at a moment when some respite from the boundless intensity of the preceding tracks is much welcomed. The central feature of this song is the darkly somber vocals which at times borders on the monotonous. The track contains an air of restraint during the verses, which builds until the tension is released at each chorus section – a tension which further expands on the tracks mournful atmosphere.

No Bouquet is an album absolutely packed with expertly crafted alt-rock bangers, flying at you one after the other from the first track until the very last. All Get Out have used their wealth of experience to create an absolute gem of a record that effortlessly towers over many of their contemporaries, and they deserve to be universally lauded for this feat. Gorgeous lyrics and dazzling riffs will leave you constantly reaching for the volume knob so your neighbours, or pedestrians you're driving past on the street, can share with you what is a spectacular musical experience.

Score: 8/10

No Bouquet is out now via Rude Records


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