Veonity - 'Legend of the Starborn' | Album Review

Those that are edgily unaware of the legacy of the astral Swedish Power Metal elite Veonity are about to fall through the evocative grasps of mankind and into the solemn hands of the boisterous vikings of Asgard with their jubilant third album release Legend of the Starborn. Veonity are gratuitously known for their melodious speedy hooks and their trustworthy rendition of momentous European Power Metal and are ferociously armed and ready to reclaim the superlative stronghold of what they pre-eminently do best in the most perplexing manner. Escorting their honourable and radiant guiding light across the muddy plains of the battlefield with yet another auspicious entry to the caprice of the illustrious Veonity phenomena.

From the sentimental awe of harmonious opener ‘Rise Again’ to the very last note of the dramatically gifted finale on this varied album, it is astoundingly difficult to find any hint of a fault with the Vanersborg’s vibrant power metal quartet. They fiercely express an “all killer, no filler” attitude with a definite affirmation with this album, to ultimately fabricate into the philosophy of words, which is comfortably pushing towards the pinnacle end of the spectrum of any European Power Metal album released this year. Even when things are done simplistically and with some cardinal fabrication on this record, they are conveyed with the most pristine agenda and just become so efficacious that even Heavy Metal fans who like the heavier side of the coin will be left with healthily content; patently seen through the Hammerfall-esque ‘Starborn’, whilst capturing the hearts and intellects of the masses in a stupendous and remarkable fashion.

Most prominently in the deep crypts of this lengthy composition, there is a mass quantity of oscillating signs that are deeply embedded by the influences of historical chapters from the power metal universe; spreading over a wide range of melodic and heavy supremacists and artists, including Reinxeed, Celesty, Kiuas, Sonata Arctica and many many more. One paramount keynote to designate with Veonity’s new and modern mellifluous constitution of musical embodiment is that there is nothing presumably new or ground-breaking on show here. This album falls short of a showering quintessential and complete musical magnificence that it could have been destined to be. However, the musicality and musicianship transposed by the young Swedes is stunning no matter the consequences. Furthermore, another supreme highlight of the record is that there is a hatful of special guests added to the bill of this sublime record that you can most-convincingly see the influences of the band from the chosen Melodic Metal pariahs appearing throughout each episode of the warm-hearted caprice of Legend of the Starborn; including Reinxeed’s Tommy Johannsson on the magnificent contender of ‘Winds of Asgard’ and Bloodbound’s Patrik Selleby on the beautifully incredible ‘Freedom Vikings’, which will commandingly become a dulcetly infectious tempest within the deepest clasps of time.

From the journey into this legendary star-born love affair, listeners should easily become well aware of the quality layered in the building blocks of this melodious companionship and this musical compounding construction as a whole. Moreover this does sit lustrously on the throne of Power Metal heaven. Veonity can be greatly trusted to distribute the honourable stronghold that shines throughout the record and their past releases, however there is nothing entirely new or anything over-spiced to bear witness to, here. That being said, guided by Veonity’s illuminating light; this phenomenon will have you heavily breathing after the comedown of the closing track, eventually leading to the paths of glory and victory.

Score: 8/10

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