Introducing...Follow The Cipher

Follow The Cipher were born from an original solo project constructed by guitarist Ken Kangstrom in Falun, Sweden, however the outcome was very much different from what was originally planned. On the brow of auditions, Ken met colourful vocalist Linda Toni Grahn, and immediately a bond was created. So, from there forth the story of Follow The Cipher began and something incredible was about to happen.

After some time spent being creative in the studio, Ken and Linda decided they would like to recruit new members for their band. After some long hard work with members in and out of the band, Linda and Ken would go on to find permanent band members; Karl (Drums), Viktor (Guitar) and Jonas (Bass) to complete the line-up.

Follow The Cipher represents an isolated environment is a somewhat distant future that is a dirty place smothered in consequences of past mistakes and faults. The Cipher depicts a rebellion of a forged clan acting against an innovative world in a depressive state of humanity and an atmosphere decorated in brutality. Therefore, throughout the band’s live shows and music this can be witnessed with deeply expressive and mesmerising lyrical themes.

Since the origins of Follow The Cipher in 2014, the band have only released one album; the self-titled: Follow The Cipher. The band’s debut album was received with nothing but admiration and is believed to be one of the best debut’s in 2018 throughout the metal world. The album fits well into the Symphonic Power Metal genre and is received well by both Symphonic Metal fans and Power Metal fans. The band have really captured a clan of new fans, friends and family throughout the entire the world.

From the mind-blowing singles: ‘Winterfall’ and ‘The Rising’ to the majestic heavyweights: ‘I Revive’ and ‘Enter The Cipher’; the debut album is nothing but ultimate perfection and brilliance. This is a definite band to keep an eye on for the future and to a band surely witness in one of their devastating live shows.

Who knows what’s next for Falun’s Symphonic Power Metallers, but from the bombastic musical excellence we have seen so far – the best is yet to come!


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