All Ears Avow - Skin & Bones | EP Review

All Ears Avow aren’t quite the new kids in the block anymore. With their brand new Skin & Bones EP, their fourth extended play during their tenure as a band so far, the Swindon quintet continue to drop new infectious tunes. One spin of this record has the ability to give you a solid idea of what the band is going for: solid pop with a nice rock twist. Unafraid to experiment with some different flavours, like some fresh disco for instance, all while keeping their core fully intact.

Vocalist Claire Sutton is an important factor in what makes this band sound unique. Her stylish vocals often pulsate full of interesting melodies and bursts of energy which set All Ears Avow apart from other pop-rock acts in the scene nowadays. Present in songs as the title track “Skin & Bones” and “Fake”, there is a nice variety in her vocal lines. It’s what keeps the tracks interesting and explosive where needed.

Although no credit should be taken away from the rest of the band. The heavy yet catchy riffs are just as attention-grabbing, main example of this being their single “All Your Pieces”. This powerful combination could fill arenas and stadiums.

While the time certainly looks to soon be on the horizon for All Ears Avow to drop a full length LP on the masses, Skin & Bones is yet another hefty addition to their back catalogue so far. The least the band could have wanted out of this EP is that it kept industry eyes on them, and it looks set to do that and much more. These pop-rock bandits seem to have the potential of a truly starlit future.

Score: 8/10 Facebook:/allearsavowband Twitter: @AEAOfficial


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