Vvorse – Ajatus Vapaudesta | EP Review

Something dark this way comes; Ajatus Vapaudesta, the second EP output from Finnish hardcore crew Vvorse puts a black metal twist on the hardcore formula. Formed in 2014 and hailing in from Jyväskylä, Finland, this quartet have crafted a record full of doom, gloom and despair riding atop punkish noise to deliver a range of gnarly and unconventional sounds straight to your eardrums.

The five track release is full of moments that'll take you off guard,. Such as the sudden appearance of soft strumming of guitar in secondary track 'Aivan Tarpeeksi Kauan', leading into a buildup of drums that drops the track back into it's more punk rock style sound. This is in stark contrast with the powerful metal chords and steady drum beat of the intro track 'Takaisin Pimeyteen', which stifles the line somewhere between a beatdown hardcore style and doomy sludge metal.

'Tuhkapatsaat' is a chuggy, stonking great metal track with snippets of riffage comparable to hardcore heavyweights Cancer Bats, laden with cymbal bashes and a lengthy instrumental section perfect for inciting pits, certainly one of the heaviest hitting efforts on the record. Penultimate song 'Vika On Tässä Paikassa' can only be described as 'doom punk', unrelenting and dark from start to finish, before the closing title 'Orjat' creeps in with a steadily paced, beckoning intro that explodes in a flurry of hardcore noise that ends just as suddenly as it started.

All in all, this four piece have created a record that sounds exactly like what it says on the tin. The band's own social media pages labelling them as experimental dark hardcore and crust. A short and sweet, punchy delivery from Vvorse that's well worth a spin if you enjoy any and all of the aforementioned musical styles, a band not afraid to to mix and match it's genres to create a unique and interesting sound.

Score: 7/10

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