Top 10 Albums 2018 - Koen

10. Now,Now - Saved It's been six whole years since Now,Now released their last record. The duo's change to a new more electronic sound, with their own production, does them a great favour. Songs so dark they can make you feel their heartbreak vicariously.

9. Hellions - Rue "Try developing a NEW sound in 2018" is one of the YouTube comments below the video for "X (Mwah)". Yet Hellions did that. Combining... well, about everything. Punk rock. Funk. Rap? Hardcore? Circus music? It's all in there and it just WORKS. Give it a spin.

8. nothing,nowhere - Ruiner Only about half a year after his last record, nothing,nowhere just dropped a brand new one. But don't expect it to sound rushed or sloppy. Instead, it's a very well perfected combination of everything you want to hear in a hip-hop, trap or emo record.

7. Underoath - Erase Me Their long-awaited comeback album may have made some old Christian metal fans mad as h*ck, but man, the new Underoath album goes hard. The same old aggression now paired with more fuzzy synthesizers and some big, big choruses.

6. Milk & Bone - Deception Bay You won't find this album - this album will find you. Milk & Bone's soft and smooth melodies and harmonies feel like therapy. Two incredible singers and songwriters whose voices are as clear as Arctic ice. Listening to this record feels like getting a hug when you need it, so put this on repeat.

5. Hayley Kiyoko - Expectations 2018 (aka #20GAYTEEN) was Hayley Kiyoko's year. Worldwide tours, performing on TV, and of course her debut album. One of the few pop albums that actually feels like an album, telling a story from front to back. Full of bops and important messages.

4. Dream State - Recovery EP Any band as young as Dream State can only dream about creating an EP as perfect as theirs. When all 5 tracks on your EP are filled to the max with energy and emotion, you know you're doing well. Great songs. Great message. Great band.

3. Camila Cabello - Camila The former Fifth Harmony star Camila Cabello decided to test if she could make it on her own. With "Havana" blasting through every speaking everywhere all summer, winter, summer and winter again, it's safe to say she knows how to make hits.

2. The Plot In You - Dispose Honestly though, this is the sound of the future. Heavy guitars, loud synthesizers and poppy yet painfully emotional vocals. When you hear The Plot In You, you'll know why. Ever since the start of the year, this record's been blasting through my earphones. Non-stop.

1. Architects - Holy Hell When you lose not only your friend and brother, but also your main songwriter, being a band becomes tough. A living hell. But Architects have always been in a league of their own. The world's hardest working metal band deserves no less than album of the year.


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