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New to making headways on the scenes of all things that go beyond Metal, Crevassian are an English quartet of post Metal atmospheres. Their instrumental approach to Metal has been grouped up into their debut EP, also entitled Crevassian. This marks a next crucial step for the band and may well build up a reputation for the band.

The four tracks of sheer atmospheres, echo the moods of sentimental and heavy guitar playing. For it is in the long and drawn out riffs that a sense of background is established and in which the band delights. Slow and melodic with a heavy supporting punch, the EP is a good collection of confident and forceful Post Metal.

Despite the good production values, the EP doesn't diversify too much throughout, requiring multiple listens to pick up each melody from song to song. All of them sharing similar moments of strength and giving way to the onsets of atmosphere. In fact the longest and record finisher, 'Summit' feels to be a good summary of everything you can hope from the band as represented by the EP. It has powerful riffs, slow melodies and accomplished structuring, whilst seemingly echoing all previous songs with a final push to top things off. It's just all there, in the nigh on ten minute track.

For all the strengths that Crevassian bring, and there are many, there is a lot more to search for within the music. They do, however, have fun with the atmospheres they are exploring. This is a good sign that with further releases their sound may develop into something a lot more groundbreaking, versatile and unique. For now, it's a strong step forward for a band that will be back.

Score: 6/10

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