Currents - I Let The Devil In | EP Review

On the face of it, Connecticut based metalcore band Currents don’t seem like a band worthy of much attention. Most new listeners would probably go into their first experience with the outfit assuming them to be yet another metalcore band that have all the drop Z breakdowns you ask for, but do very little to move the scene forward.

Whilst they aren’t exactly introducing anything new to the progressive metalcore genre, Currents proved on their debut LP The Place I Feel Safest that what they lack in originality, they make up for with extremely good songwriting, impeccably tight musicianship and a vocalist whose deliveries are filled to the brim with emotion. Rather than leaving fans waiting another few years for a follow-up to their debut, the band have instead decided to drop a short EP just a year on. I Let The Devil In may be short, but it’s sweet, and it shows Currents growing as a band, improving in every aspect since their already impressive debut LP.

Opening track 'Into Despair' will sound familiar to most Currents fans. After a subtle and quiet intro, the song punishes the listener with a round of intense blast beats followed by extremely down-tuned riffs and breakdowns, topped by an absolutely brutal vocal performance. If this EP proves anything, it’s that the vocals of Brian Wille have improved tenfold. This is shown again in the following two tracks, 'My Disguise' and 'Feel the Same', where the band shows off their more melodic side. The clean vocals on both of these tracks are exceptional, carrying the chorus of the former of these two tracks and being the centrepiece of the latter.

The closing track, 'Forever Marked', is really the track that should get fans and newcomers most excited. This isn’t just because this is the best song on the entire EP, and arguably the best song Currents have ever written, but also because it leaves I Let The Devil In on a cliffhanger, and all we’re left asking is for more music. If The Place I Feel Safest established Currents as a solid newcomer band, I Let The Devil In has showcased them taking their sound forward and improving on it. If they follow suit with their next full-length, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they broke through and became one of the genres heavyweights.

Score: 9/10 Facebook:/CurrentsCT Twitter: @CurrentsCT


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