Top 10 Albums 2018 - James

10. Frozen Crown – Kings A dark horse in the room echoes in the momentous halls of the highest ‘Kings’, Frozen Crown are a Italian power metal quintet sharply commanding the metal masses with their soulfully fresh and catchy melodic metal; honouring the forefathers of heavy metal through their commitment taking their own crown and throne into battle before entering a modern void. ‘Kings’ maybe something that is honestly familiar, however this a huge step into a slickish new vortex of showered melodic metal; shadowing the surrounding walls of the power metal universe in the upmost fashion.

9. Sirenia – Ancestral Ancient Aeons Boisterous Norwegian gothic-symphonic metallers have just magnificently peaked from one level to the next after adding French female vocalist Emmanuelle Zoldan, ‘Ancestral Ancient Aeons’ is a honestly brave and ambitious effort with a significant increase in black metal elements; consistently lifting roofs with the aggressive macabre of the Norwegian cavalry swiftly drifting through emotions with an album so majestically dynamic that even the darkest roots can break through the soils of mankind, invading minds through dramatically layered musicality and direction.

8. Judas Priest – Firepower When you hear the words Judas Priest, you can just imagine the leather, chains and pedal to the metal style heavy metal ripping up the souls of stages into tiny little pieces across all continents of the world; delivering the goods from the pillars of British Steel. ‘Firepower’ is just Judas Priest at their very best and the whole band is in the greatest form we have seen in decades; surely there is no sign of stopping the vengeance of these heavy metal heavyweights just yet and there is still some fuel left in Halford’s hell bent for leather motorcyle to conquer the planet for at least the next decade or more.

7. Powerwolf – The Sacrament of Sin Ditching some of the Latin elements and following musically a more Sabaton-esque route and path, Powerwolf have produced a significantly mammoth album; claiming victory in the power metal world once again with their catholic uprising of vampirism and their commanding flocks of howling wolves. ‘The Sacrament of Sin’ is nothing ground-breaking, however the strength of the songs laying to rest within the album just cannot knock this one off the chart; closely being embedded into the depths of this year’s top ten.

6. Steve Perry – Traces The return of the ex-Journey frontman Steve Perry has been a talked about episode waiting to come for years and years, nonetheless the comeback does not even disappoint on any level. Following more of a soul and blues parade rather than falling in the essence of the usual Journey rock scope or style, Steve Perry easily hits home with ‘Traces’ and packs the record with a punch; winning the audience back with one of the greatest rock returns we have seen in the twenty-first century.

5. Chris Bay – Chasing The Sun Not easily recognized as a metal album, ‘Chasing the Sun’ is a winner on every level and will definitely warm the hearts of listeners around the globe. With plenty of cheesiness and a basket of clever simplistically written tracks, Freedom Call’s Chris Bay has reached yet again another stellar landmark and chapter in his career; achieving maximum results and easily reaching an integral peak for another close contender for album of the year.

4. Eleine – Until the End Landsktrom’s very own symphonic metallers bring the blazing fire with the ferocious fury before entering an eternal domination with the quintet’s breath-taking sophomore album; raising the barriers of their superb debut album to a more musically developed entry and taking the band to a whole new level, whilst striking gold in the process. Eleine surely will become a larger force in the future to be reckoned with and will gather a new flock of fans across the world with the monstrous ‘Until the End’.

3. Follow The Cipher – Follow The Cipher Swedish symphonic power metal icons Follow the Cipher tick all the boxes with easily the best debut of 2018, powerfully driving their commanding force through the surrounding barricades and gracefully landing home with a mixed hatful of strength by strength melodious tracks; leaving listeners with that crunching edge wanting more and more in the most zealous fashion.

2. Temperance – Of Jupiter and Moons Melodically bombastic and instrumentally flavored, Temperance deliver the most energetic album to date with a brave and fresh new sound, along with an immensely slick progressive metal style; capturing the hearts of many around the melodic metal world in an impeccable manner. This is insanely close to be the album of the year and this should be recognized as gold award winner on each and every wavelength provided.

1. Primal Fear – Apocalypse The raw energy and musicianship on this record from the German power metal sextet is just purely incredible; delivering astoundingly on all spectrums of the heavy metal chart. Everything about this album is heaps and bounds anything released this year, with this colossal album being the best Primal Fear composition to date and is a product strong enough to shatter the heart of the earth’s core.


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