Blossomer - HLLW | EP Review

When instigating the beginning stages to a profound shift in one’s life through musical exploration, we are more than happy to indulge in the foundation for future works that promise a divine listening experience for all parties involved. Unfortunately it seems this immaculate conception was not on the cards for the Sheffield traditional electronica band Blossomer, who are waiting ever so patiently for their latest EP HLLW to drop.

The band’s latest extended play is a rather disjointed affair with tracks focusing on over-the-top interpretations of spiritual manifestation, which all seems to boil down to a bland and unenlightened state of consciousness. Their eclectic style of hypnotic celestial tones, bound within a dream pop gag do this exploration no favours with a sound so repetitive in certain places, that it can only be described as a rather monotonous hit of acid.

The only meh-worthy instalments possibly worth a listen to on a rainy day include the EP’s namesake ‘HLLW’ and ‘Preacher Learner’. ‘HLLW’ really simulates an enclosed void with a touch of decadence, with a dulled down AWOLNATION and IAMX vibe shining through, while ‘Preacher Learner’ feels like a cross fertilisation of David Crowder Band and Marshmello while blazing a little too hard on 420 day.

With any experimental sound such as this its appeal shall always been placed within the same pane of existence as marmite. But, as a whole the opinion may stand that HLLW’s fragile aesthetic leaves much to the imagination in regards to fluidity between tracks and identifiable lyrical themes.

Hopefully the bands original love of traditional rock infused with electronica shall rise from the ashes of this static soundscape, to elevate their potential up and above the disappointingly hollow instalment to their discography.

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