Jinjer - 'Micro' | EP Review

Perhaps a band not really needing an introduction, but Ukraine's Jinjer have been making an impact recently with their technical female fronted, melodic but sometimes heavy (not usually at the same time), music. Recently they've been one of those bands really shouting out for female fronted Metal and Ukrainian Metal, being part of a large group of contemporary Metal/Metalcore.

In fact they have nearly ten years worth of activity under their belt and that, paired with a certain confidence in their productions, really shows in their music. The new EP is well crafted, rehearsed and polished. Tatiana Shmailyuk's vocals convey a lot of character within the music and is a dominating factor of many of the songs. This can really make or break them. Whilst the more groovier elements are more for a background, the lyrics can be catchy, whilst the melodic elements, over-powerful. 'Dreadful Moments' feels like their 'for example' sound. It is everything you'd expect from the band with stronger and more rock steady elements.

Whilst this is happening you also get other songs that will pan into the more melodic and atmospheric but less memorable areas of the EP. Despite this another cornerstone of the EP, 'Teacher, Teacher!' has the feeling of the best parts of Otep, but still remaining to be everything Jinjer. It's a strange combination but really works for the best of the EP.

'Micro' offers one or two great songs for the bands discography and is a great testament for the band and offering to their fans. However, it doesn't do much more than the rest of their back catalogue. One or two exceptions take the mould into more memorable areas but they're brief and the rest of the EP is just the usual Jinjer fun – all parts fun and nearing the blink-and-you-forget.

Score: 6/10

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