State Of Ember - Broken Horizons | EP Review

New bands are on the rise. An over-saturated market of rock and alternative releases are filling playlists every day, but how many are worth it. State Of Ember are here for their crack at the whip, releasing their new EP Broken Horizons with the intent to break into the national scene.

The upsetting issue here is, there is very little to say about this EP. While everyone wants smaller bands to have their shot, there needs to be a substance to intrigue listeners – Broken Horizons lacks this in abundance. In terms of diversity, ‘Wrong Turn’ is definitely the best you’ll get.

Opening with a lone guitar riff, this shakes up the previous openings to the remaining tracks, but inevitably follows the path of the rest. The EP’s opener ‘Time & Time’ sets a clear opinion, the vocals don’t fit the music being presented and the music doesn’t have enough to push past that. ‘Made Up My Mind’ follows a similar, generic approach. It comes to the point that if you listened to this album without paying attention, you wouldn’t know the song has changed.

As harsh as it may seem, it is getting harder to be noticed as an artist or musician. With millions of songs in the world, you need something to stand out. State Of Ember just haven’t found it. Will they? It's possible, but they will need to put in a lot more work.

Score: 4/10 Facebook:/stateofember Twitter: @stateofember