The Sound Of 2019: 22 Amazing Bands Set To Dominate This Year - Part One

With 2018 done and dusted and with everyone’s AOTY lists polished, the time has come to look forward to the new year that we have just entered.

With this year poised to rival 2018 in terms of emerging talent, fantastic releases and unforgettable shows, it looks like we’re set to enjoy another incredible year of music. With that in mind, we’ve complied our list of 30 bands who we believe are set to breakout this year. With the list including everything from industrial pop to crust lined powerviolence, there’s bound to be an act featured here that’s set to become your band of the year.


Hailing from South Wales, Scavengers have swiftly implemented a dent on the local alternative scene and have been poised to be potentially one of the region’s biggest successes of this year; not a bad accolade considering they only officially formed in the tail end of last year.

Confident and cocksure, Scavengers present swaggering alt-rock without any of the pompous connotations. The group have also showcased their more emotional and withdrawn side with the mature and sombre ‘Merope’. Whilst it’s still early days for Scavengers, 2019 is set to be a massive year for them.

For Fans Of – Don Broco, Holding Absence, Reuben

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Previously known under the moniker of Seafoal, the artist known as Zander Sweeney underwent a metamorphosis at the beginning of 2018 and was rebirthed as Zand. Ditching the acoustic folk aesthetic of their adolescence, Zand emerged from their transmogrification with the fierce single ‘Boys Like U’.

The single saw the transformation of Zander complete, with the dark and pulsating synth pop being a far cry from their tender and unsure youth. Directly confronting toxic masculinity with fantastically ugly industrial pop, what Zand offers is a distant call from the superficial sugary sweetness stereotypically associated with the world of pop music.

For Fans Of – The Black Queen, Cold Cave, Lady Gaga

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Hailing from the cold and grey northern sea’s, Mastiff paint music at it’s most predatory and vicious. The Hull powerviolence yob emerged in 2016 with their debut Wrank. Cold and callous, it stood as a levelling introduction to the savage world of Mastiff.

The group only increased the intensity with the 2017 EP Bork, a record that radiated pure undated cruelty. With it’s blackened hardcore submerged beneath viscous crust lined sludge, Bork struck a chord with those seeking something authentically hostile and miserable. With Mastiff now set to release their sophomore record Plague on February 1st, the act are set to sound the horns of the coming collapse.

For Fans Of: Nails, Crowbar, Whitechapel

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Fronted by YouTube sensation Christina Rotodana, Day was formed after Rotodana paired up producer and occasional contributor Ali Marshall. Whilst the duo collaborated together previously on Rotodana’s YouTube channel, Day stands as a far more permanent, long term project.

After being snagged up by the global promotional organisation Dreambound, DAY released their debut single ‘Reverie’. With it’s electronic melodic leads and Rotodana’s signature soaring vocals, the single received quick attention from followers of Rotodana’s previous projects and new fans alike. Whilst the group are yet to release new material or make their live debut, these are goals that will be surely met in the coming months.

For Fans Of: Greywind, Dream State, Hands Like Houses


Dude Trips

We’ve been banging on about these Scottish sad lads for a while now, but 2019 is set to be their year. With 2 EP’s now under their belt, 2017’s Sad Lads and 2018’s Keepsake respectively, the Aberdeen based Dude Trips have been slowly widening their berth for quite some time now, and it’s easy to see why.

Defying the stereotypical conventions of pop punk with experienced maturity and composure, Dude Trips narrate the pains of coming of age with seldom seen wisdom. Choosing to pursue a sound that’s more raw and authentic in contrast to a polished yet hollow aesthetic, Dude Trips will be continuing their journey by releasing their full length debut later this year. The future of Scottish emo is safe with these lads.

For Fans Of: Citizen, Elder Brother, Man Overboard

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Hailing from the midlands, contemporary math rockers A-Tota-So emerged two years ago following the dismantlement of the respective groups Alright The Captain and Cheap Jazz. With a solid foundation composed of a love for all things experimental and mentally stimulating, the band endured the harsh slog of forging a reputation over the past couple of years and released their self titled debut in September 2018.

A product of the trials they navigated, the record contains both spasmodic unpredictability and sombre fragility. When listening to the instrumental stories A-Tota-So sew, the praise surrounding the act becomes transparently understandable. With the album under their belts, the band are set to continue trailblazing across the continent this year, spreading nothing but amazement in their wake.

For Fans Of: Alpha Male Tea Party, Chon, Poly-Math

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Holy Roar Records enjoyed their most successful year to date last year, and it’s clear that the label have no plans on slowing down now. Spearheading the label’s charge into 2019 are the London metallic hardcore band Ithaca, a band that embody the progression, fury and integrity the label has become renowned for.