Born Of Osiris - The Simulation | Album Review

Focusing on the meaning of reality and contemplating the idea that we are living within a computer simulation, is a theme mulled over by many. A concept that could have grown out of The Matrix fan fiction and with the technological advances we have seen stepping into 2019, it could be only a few years before artificial intelligence is deep-rooted into everyday life, only the veil of the future will hold the answer. For Born of Osiris this has opened a new chapter with their release The Simulation.

Having stormed onto the scene with their EP A New Reign in 2007, Born of Osiris have built a notorious reputation which is ever growing. From the release of their debut studio album A Higher Place (2009), to the forthcoming release of The Simulation, the band have shown they can redefine their sound in new ways with their ability to share the stage with the likes of Rob Zombie, Judas Priest and Bring Me The Horizon.

2017 saw the four piece tour their 2007 breakthrough debut in its entirety which has encapsulated the direction of the new album. With echoes to their original sound, which in time has developed and morphed into something greater.

This has resulted in The Simulation standing as the record which paints a new, yet familiar picture of Born Of Osiris. The metalcore bruisings you would hope to find are littered throughout this record, and tracks like 'Silence The Echo' and 'Analogs In A Cell' are explosive to say the least. But it's ‘DISCONNECTOME’ which best encapsulates the bands development, left alone in a chamber to grow; adding extra bulk, whilst multiplying the energy. Resulting in heavier destructive poly-rhythmic riffing, chaotic vocal transmissions, and synth disarray.

An album with this theme may establish that the songs are dark and focus on the negatives of this “false” reality, opening a bottomless pit of despair and hopelessness. Yet the songs are uplifting and find a gleam of light in amongst the gloom and build a sense that battling through difficult times can feel draining and futile, but fighting on is sometimes the only way forward.

Whilst for some this concept can strike a deep-seated sense of fear, the Chicago quintet offer an escape as they attempt to preserve humanity from collapsing due to advancing technology along with delivering a superb follow up to a long silence from the band. Score: 8/10 Facebook:/BornOfOsiris Twitter: @BOOOfficial


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