Master's Call – Morbid Black Trinity | EP Review

Some Blackened Death Metal is Death Metal with more Satanic themes, some is Black Metal with hard hitting and sometimes down tuned guitars. In a genre with already blurred lines, Blackened Death Metal sits at that blurred point. It's always darker than Death, stronger than the haunting atmospheres of Black Metal. Master's Call are another Brummy born up-and-comer. Their debut EP Morbid Black Trinity is approaching us soon – January 25th.

Instantly like a hard hitting Black Metal, like a Carpathian Forest or a Watain with a touch of early Belphegor, they'd comfortably sit within Black Metal circles. Surprisingly for a debut EP there is a well polished atmospheric but confident style of play that weaves through each song. Offering enough variation to keep interesting, but enough consistency to drive home their sound. It is every bit brutal Black Metal. The drum tuning and guitar range of particular note through each song.

The EP is well accomplished and marks an amazing start for the band but for all the diversity within the songs, each track runs into each other. It'll take a couple of listens to really let the songs grow into their own on you. Each song has a sense of epic supporting symphony used sparingly, the heavy weight of a guitar going from melodic to heavy, from solo to that Black Metal tremolo picking. Whilst they also conjure some hard hitting drums but some fierce almost too typical vocals.

It's all too impressive for a first EP, but it makes for a good start to the band. Master's Call seem to be a band to look out for, especially for all the Extreme Metal fans. Black Metal enthusiasts should certainly keep an eye out for this band, certainly any Blackened Death Metal fans should look to see the bands next movements!

Score: 8/10

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