Live Review: Tremonti w/ The Raven Age & Disconnected | London Kentish Town Forum | 04/12/2018

Just off the back of a previous visit to the United Kingdom, alternative metallers Tremonti gracefully embrace the stage of the Kentish Town Forum in the deep heart of London; bringing pain, passion and determination to heavy metal spectators in the upmost fashion. Joining the elite as special guests are melodic groove metal pioneers The Raven Age and rising French progressive metal brutes Disconnected, making this night to be a triumphant occasion for all to bare witness to, and to champion the metal mass with a mixed bag of differentiating metal sub-genres with awe inspiring stamina.

Warming up the essences of tonight’s room temperature are Troyes’ own metal unit Disconnected (8); a brand new up and coming ambitious heavy outlet with only one album under their belt being White Colossus. The French outfit effortlessly bring full command to the stage and march around the pandemonium like they own the entire deck of the ship and whole body of its roomy surfaces. Shining through like bright warriors of steel, slickishy-spicy numbers ‘Lose Yourself Again’ and ‘Blind Faith’ bring chaos with a compassionate legion and a wickedly feisty personality; soulfully delivered and combusted in a directive manner with supremely confident vocalist Ivan Pavlakovic, easily winning over a lively crowd in tonight’s infused and agile atmospheric pit. Evidently, Disconnected have a lot to offer and will definitely be climbing up the ranks of the globe’s heavy metal ladder very soon with even bigger names, if they keep the vessel of professionalism and charisma afloat in the stream of progressive constructed musical complexities and chemistry.

Next up are the British Groove stricken animals The Raven Age (5), featuring Steve Harris’ (Iron Maiden) son George Harris on guitar; serving up their own dish of metal for tonight’s busily packed cavalry inside the Forum. There is nothing intensely significant to note about the outfit as the live performance appears to be pretty dull and sadly wasted with no real essence of shining through with any hint of promise at any particular point or any particular bright wave of interest; musically and passionately. Moreover, the real problem seems to be that it does not seem to work well on stage with showmanship presence lacking in all areas and with newly-joined vocalist Matt James struggling throughout the entire performance; not delivering on all accounts, considering the band have toured with such great names including the mammoth thrash metal heroes Anthrax and even heavy metal giants Iron Maiden. Hopefully, in the near future the band can pull out a fresh and fulfilled plate of melodic groove metal next time; upping the whims of their game to a neighbouring superlative level.

Headliners always have the greatest ounces of expectancy, respect and excitement created in the paths of metal crowds when it comes to live shows and performances; however Tremonti (10) distributes in all corners in just the most mesmerising display of the darker side of alternative musicality, gracefully jaw dropping the faces and panting the bombs of mind crushing riffs onto the onlookers all around the glittering and pristine presence of the band on Kentish Town’s biggest stage. Tremonti are known to be heavily-simplistic when it comes to live performances but this does not differ any shape of form with a regular outfit bringing a outlandishly mass stage production. If there is a band on fire right now, it is solemnly sure to be Tremonti; effortlessly making the stage their own territory, with all members unspeakably on the greatest form of their lives. Even with Garrett Whitlock missing from the realms of the pack and the four-piece for undisclosed personal reason, drummer Ryan Bennett who is a long-time friend of guitarist Eric Friedman really fits in extremely well and really puts on an explosive show hitting all the marks with a illustrious superior motive. Tremonti are just simply breath-taking and charismatically outstanding, no more words can describe the heights of this particular show and the whole circle of the ‘A Dying Machine’ world tour.

The deep heart of London definitely have had their fair share of determination, pain and passion with an admiringly desirable flavour tonight without any hint of a doubt about it. Tremonti delivered the goods with a thorough brand of warm-welcoming brutal and soaring heavy metal gracefully to the arms of fans in an ornamentally-aspiring embrace. If anyone missed this one magnificent and inspiring outing on this magically-gifted night, they surely missed an episode of ultimate perfection and a date to remember for the whimsical paths of the upcoming and exciting foreseeable future in the world of Mark Tremonti & co.


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