Papa Roach - Who Do You Trust? | Album Review

Collectively speaking we have all had a moment in our lives where we have asked ourselves the ever daunting question of Who Do You Trust? Which for Papa Roach can be perceived as even more poignant and ironic considering their latest release had been leaked in its entirety to the world on the 15th of December 2018.


Over the course of the bands 26 years of highs and lows their 10th studio album doesn’t disappoint, due to their aim of continuously experimenting and adapting their sound with the trends of yesteryear. Papa have successfully created an album full to the brim with intriguing and hard hitting tracks that doesn’t escape that ever so endearing Papa Roach signature charm.

With a mix of genre’s bursting throughout ranging from Goth Pop, Electronica, Indie, Folk, Rap Rock, NuMetal and Post Hardcore to name a few, there is a little piece here and there that will appeal to everyone and his dog. Which makes finding standouts amongst the array of bops a hard task to venture, but when whittling the record down to its most memorable moments you will probably land at ‘Elevate’ and ‘I Suffer Well’.

‘Elevate’ at first arouses a deep sense of Wanderlust with its Indie Pop inspired instrumental until the rather unsettling Royal Blood Alt Rock vibe shine through as the internal dialogue offers us a plea for positive re-enforcement in the face of fighting personal demons. The notion of not wanting to be a victim in the sight of such torment is an empowering one that could be especially helpful to keen or passing listeners to fight against the weight that drags them down.

‘I Suffer Well’ truly is a ride of insanity that can only be described as the love child of Skid Row’s ‘Slave To The Grind’ and The Distillers ‘Deathsex’. The banshee like screaming and the hard hitting instrumental takes you into an almost trance like state for such a short amount of time. The only way this track can be more elevated into the realms of absolute perfection, would be to extend it to at least 3 – 4 minutes minimum. It is one track you need to truly experience in your room, in the dark with the volume turned all the way up leaving an everlasting fear of potential deafness (It’s truly worth it).

We can certainly say we can trust Papa to bring home the goods with a plethora of tracks just waiting to be embraced by fans and casual listeners alike. Although certain aspects of the album can be a little disjointed due to the persistence to try out new and exciting musical experimentation across the board, all of them can be forgiven considering how no track featured in Who Do You Trust? falls into the category of a bland or filler. Score: 7/10 Facebook:/paparoach Twitter: @paparoach


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