Chapter and Verse - Glow | EP Review

Fast approaching is the release of Chapter and Verse’s second EP; just a slither, a small taste of what’s to come from a band ready to leap from the shadows into the spotlight. With so many elements at play, Glow should solidify the East London quartets place as a band you’ll want to put your support behind.

Opening with the sombrely melodic ‘The Casket’, you’re introduced to vocalist Josh Carter’s unique brand of emotionally ripe poetry, comparatively akin to the atmospheric style of Lonely The Brave or Fatherson, before Ash Mortons blasting drumbeat kicks in and the coin is flipped fully to the opposite side, gang vocals marks the start of a hefty riff courtesy of guitarist Darren Gosling and where the initial track sought to move you internally ‘Magazines’ makes you want to move on a more physical level. In just two songs, Chapter and Verse have demonstrated their versatility, their finesse and their aplomb.

Just three songs in and it’s impossible to deny that there’s something special brewing here, Chapter and Verse have mastered the art of deploying compact yet effective snippets of sound within their songs, such as the line in ‘A Devil In Blue’; “Darling, I said things that I didn't mean and I pushed it; I pushed you to the-“ before “BRIIIIINK” is screamed, as if from somewhere off in the background, elevating the line to standout significance instead of letting it blend into the rest of the song. It’s a small detail that could easily have been left alone, but its presence stands as an indication that this band don't do things by half measures.

Glow closes out with one final song; ‘Ink’, a beautifully melancholic discharge that just begs to be sung out loud. This band won’t stay bubbling under the surface for long, they’ve got what it takes to carry themselves to the forefront of the alt rock scene, and when they do just remember one thing – we told you so.

Score: 9/10

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