Jon Schaffer's Purgatory – Purgatory | EP Review

Those unfamiliar with the intensely flavoured wavelengths of Iced Earth axeman Jon Schaffer will surely be set to climb aboard another horror fan club affair with a brand-spanking new EP release; combining the forces of old Iced Earth era musicality to form a past remedy of Jon Schaffer’s Purgatory. Along with Schaffer joins the historic ex-Iced Earth members of vintage lead guitarist Bill Owen and the enduring vocalist Gene Adam; enforcing the old with the new for a fresh new leap of heavy metal composition and a Power/Thrash extravaganza.

As many of those who know and who are familiar with Iced Earth’s ongoing horror-esque thematic preferences, there is nothing new here that showers away from that circle, and does not bring anything modern or fresh into the path of this equation. Moreover, if you were a fan of the very first two Iced Earth records, then be promisingly assured that this shorter offering will drag you through the grasps of the similar mellifluous formulaic structure and layered melodies; sweeping your Iced Earth fandom through the radar. However, the only significant point to endure from this wavered and not modernised output is there is a presenting hint of the band Ghost that is preserved in the midst of the consuming and haunting number ‘Dracula’; hitting the spots quite nicely.

Going back to the old-school remedies of pre and early Iced Earth sounds like a magnificent idea at the time, therefore, it marvellously works with absolute wonders and is distributed in the best possible way with some real strength embedded in the walls of this short five-tracker. Even though there is nothing presentably new flashing its lights through the transparency of this Heavy Metal window, fans will endure this with some assured passion and honour; winning over Iced Earth fans with superlative ease and effect, along with possibly picking up some new fans on the way.

Score: 7/10


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