Rivers Becomes Ocean - A Motion Paralysed | Album Review

Brighton Post-Hardcore outfit Rivers Becomes Ocean following their latest EP December are set to release their debut album A Motion Paralysed. A collection of songs that takes influence from cinematic scores and adding the trademark Hardcore elements the four piece have been fine tuning over the previous releases. Looking to give the album a tug of war of different styles, that seamlessly co-exist to really showcase what the boys can deliver.

A Motion Paralysed begins with instrumental opener ‘Brighton’ a confirmation of the cinematic soundscape to expect throughout the album a relative calm before the storm before moving on to ‘The Hell That Heaven Sent’.

Being one of the heavier track on the album, the track still maintains a sort of ethereal feel to it, drawing into the theme of the song accompanied with its heartfelt lyrics. Lyrics that, at times, sure may feel a little overly deep for the sake of being deep. But this really doesn’t take much away from the symphony of harmonious vocals and guitars, which leads us to a breaking swell delivering our first glimpse of some good ol’ Hardcore in a slamming conclusion to round up the track in a anthemic, well rounded way.

The lead single ‘Silence Means Nothing’ is abundantly clear why it’s the lead single. For one good reason it has a guest vocal spot for Canadian Hardcore hero Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats lending his gravel throated brilliance to an already arena-worthy track. A true cocktail from the again cinematic, ambient vibe that is ever present throughout the album accompanied with guitar / drum fills and melodies that really flavour the track; before bringing Liam into the light to really propel the track with a yet another style of vocals they impressively made work in this track.

A Motion Paralysed really is a journey, a soundscape of anthemic ambient sounds littered with vocals ranging between haunting and cutting to the bone in its delivery. This accompanied with the floating melodic sounds from guitars, pianos and synths fills all set with a flawless drum pace to really bring this album together.

Granted in places lyrics may feel a little over encumbered with emotion for the sake of it and in spots some mismatched Hardcore heavy elements on tracks that appear like the lads attempts of a ballad then again this might have been the plan all along.

Throughout the tracks it is clear that this is a well thought out and a lot darker to previous releases especially in the delivery of the lyrics exploring the themes of: The refugee crisis, Rebelling against the heirarchy and Generation Z, to the all to familiar themes of: Love, loss and betrayal. As a whole the theme of the album serves as a call of unity for all the music scene / community to band together during bleak times to give ourselves a sense of togetherness.

Score: 8/10

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