Dead Fall - Never Expected | EP Review

If you’re looking for your new favourite punk band with an edge, look no further. Ohio’s Dead Fall have cooked up the perfect balance of bouncy riffs and melodic vocals to make for the perfect pop punk style sound on upcoming EP, Never Expected.

From the off, we’re welcomed by that oh so familiar angst. An apparent stylistic influence from The Story So Far is clear, with a strong similarity to sounds from What You Don’t See shining through. However, vocally we’re met by a much more aggressive tone from front man Jake Gambatese. Vocals are the powerhouse of this opening single, setting the tone for this release.

Second single 'Delude' suggests a heavier influence; a fusion of hardcore style vocals and energetic, funky riffs makes for the perfect cross-genre. This seamless blend of genres is apparent across all five tracks on this release, especially with closing single Never Expected. A punk-like attitude with a vocal emo flare puts a spin on the EP, and sets the bar high for upcoming punk releases in 2019.

Despite a heavier influence, all the familiar connotations of the genre are at their best on this release. Energetic drumming and lively riffs paired with talks of heartbreak and friendship takes us back to our roots.

Stylistically, this release is the perfect blend of sounds; each single brings a new influence, which makes for an extremely promising sophomore release. These guys are offering a fresh and engaging style that this genre so desperately needs.

Score: 8/10 Facebook:/deadfalloh Twitter: @deadfalloh