Flotsam & Jetsam - The End of Chaos | Album Review

Flotsam & Jetsam is anything, a slightly underrated Thrash titan delivering the same brand of breakneck Thrash speeds that we would expect to see from the likes of, being the most prime examples, the ‘Big 4’ over the last three decades.

But this in no way meaning that they are unworthy, quite far from it. Since their debut, the Arizona thrashers have consistently delivered. Letting the music speak for itself and their thirteenth offering, The End Of Chaos, is a step above a real testament to how far the outfit have come; and demonstrating why they deserve their place among the greats.

This venture sees addition of drummer Ken Mary who has drummed for the likes of Accept, Filth Angel and legend Alice Cooper, to name a few, making Mary an incredible addition to the band. The drums really are one of the stars of the show throughout an album delivering incredible blast beats and technical fills, really setting the pace and never letting up. Especially on track ‘Good or Bad’ and ‘Snake Eyes’, which are filled with some true Thrash paced speed peppered with some epic drum fills, accompanied by vocals coming out of Eric ‘A.K’ Knutson. He seems only to get better with time, really making his brand of coarse vocals really steal the spotlight.

‘The End’ feels like the most polished production on the album, with the vocals taking more risks and greater payoffs. Along with dual Thrash guitar melodies, showing that they have not slowed after all these years and if anything sound better than they ever have.

Throughout the album, all the tracks are a bombardment of Thrash from one track to the next. There are no breaks between songs. No outros. Not even a slower more refined track and it is relentless. As a consequence it can make the album seem a little lacking in terms of production dynamics, where you transition the listener between songs giving them a little room to rest, before getting straight back into those blast beats, growling vocals and screaming guitars.

All in The End Of Chaos feels like one of the top tier offerings from FloJet; feeling like a real master of their craft type album. Nothing new and experimental as such. Just the guys doing what they are best at and by god do they do it well. And sure the cover art doesn’t exactly scream this is a great album, but don’t judge the book by it’s cover. After 30 years of Thrash, they have only proceeded to perfect their craft and continue to deliver that almost nostalgic brand of Metal, sure to put a grin on your face.

Score: 7/10

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