Young Culture - This is Heaven | EP Review

Pop Punk often occupies a strange place in the mind of your average music fan. The bands are often seen as not heavy enough to be Rock, but not Pop enough to be Pop either. So as a result they exist in a strange middle ground where they’re not always taken as seriously as they should be. However, there are always bands pushing that envelope, and cranking out quality music along the way. Bands like Young Culture.

(This is) Heaven is the Albany New York natives latest offering and what a truly exceptional offering it is. This five track release is sharp, concise, and the highest quality from front to back. Opening track ‘Deluxe’ is a moody affair but the EP’s overriding message still shines through loud and clear; everything’s going to be alright. Angst mixed with hope is what drew millions towards Pop Punk in the early 00’s and that feeling is present in bucket loads here. ‘Breathe It in’ is the anthem 2019 needs, while 21 days is the break up story to which the entire world can relate.

One of the things which stands out on (This Is) Heaven is the song writing. There’s a maturity about it and that really comes to the forefront on ballad ‘Never Changed.’ If that opening line of “I never changed, I just grew up” doesn’t give you feelings you need to have a long hard look at yourself. The track hits every emotion going without overstaying it’s welcome before ‘Drift’ sweeps in to take us home. The anthemic, soaring chorus being the undoubted highlight.

(This Is) Heaven can comfortably stand up against anything else that’s going to come out this year. It’s got everything. Great song writing, great choruses, the production is immaculate, and it’s got commercial appeal. What more could you ask for?

Score: 9/10

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