Set It Off - Midnight | Album Review

Self-explorative artwork can be an extremely difficult endeavour to venture, especially when going into depth about your own multiple perceptions of yourself in this reality dependant on a time, situation or frame of mind. With this in mind the boys of Set It Off have all been hard at work pumping out their own special blend of Alternative/Symphonic Pop Punk curiosities to cater to their teenage rebellious fans once more, with their fourth studio album Midnight which was streamed well over 1 Million times within the first 48 hours of its release.

With such a devoted following in hand the Floridian rockers have scored a definite hit amongst the fan base for its ever intriguing sound of mischievous goings on in the whirlwind mind of the bands front man Cody Carson. With near to an hour of content to mull over, this latest release from Set It Off sees the departure of high octane vocally demanding tracks in relation to Cody’s range, which really dulls down the appeal of near to each and every track on the album. A clear stand out track amongst the self-deprecating visions of one’s self, as well as bitter breakup sermons being sung in a revolving door is ‘Unopened Windows’.

'Unopened Windows' sees the band follow a new path down an emotionally charged piano lead ballad discussing notions of separation anxiety and deep rooted obsession over a relationship that has fallen to pieces. The most endearing feature of this song is the clever metaphoric work in relation to comparing a loving and stable relationship into the process of building a home. Its refreshing simplicity is the cornerstone to fulfilling the more mature emotional availability that you would come to expect from an established band of over a decade.

With the saving grace of 'Unopened Windows' and aspects of plenty of other songs featured in this 15 track cluster of inspiration, the album isn’t entirely hopeless or emotionless in its exploration but so many wasted opportunities and bad stylistic choices are apparent throughout.

With a band so known for their off the chart energy poured into each and every track in their discography, Midnight proves to be a rather underwhelming addition to the club. A large majority of the album feels essentially like an elongated turning circle constantly shrouded in a familiarity to other tracks that suggests no proper story-arch or forward movement in relation to the narrator’s outlook on the world around him.

In some instances the album feels more like a mock trial for the bands gruelling tour regiment, with their arena style song writing which just doesn’t work for a studio album concept. There needs to be a separation between the art created for the road and the art created for the listener at home, otherwise Set It Off will start to become less of a fully formed band with artistic integrity and relate more to the parameters of a travelling circus.

Score: 5/10

Midnight is out now via Fearless Records