Bury The Traitor - Ascend To Clarity | EP Review

Fesh faced Derby Metalcore newcomers Bury The Traitor, for those who remember the lads off the back of their debut EP ‘Anchored’ back in 2016, if you can even cast your mind that far back. They made a ripple in the sea of emerging British Metalcore, making it very hard to make that wave to break in to this scene being at it’s finest over the last few years and showing no signs of slowing. Ascend To Clarity is the Derby quintet’s reloaded attempt at proving to the masses that they deserve their slice of this hugely impressive scene at the moment.

Being a six track EP the lads really have to be worth their salt and pack everything they got into these tracks to make heads turn (or bang) their way. That being said there are absolutely some mammoth sounding tracks, prime example being 'A.S.I.F.' Sounding like it draws heavy inspiration from the likes of While She Sleeps & Bury Tomorrow alike but adding their own brands to it to make it their own. This track is the best showcase of what these guys are packing, having chosen it as their lead single and most recently released a video for it.

Having all the components to expect from a new wave British Metalcore; classic screeching highs and beastly low vocals with intricate technical guitar melodies sure to make your fingers twitch, fantastic drum-lines to get you tapping, an earth shattering breakdown all tied up with clean vocals from Martyn Sheridan. It really breaks the song away from the fray, giving you a chance to work those pipes and sign along the tracks itself just feels like a very well rounded EP. An absolute step up from previous work knowing from the get go that they have put the hours in production wise and it really does show.

Of course, this isn’t to say that Ascend To Clarity is setting the bar any higher than what we already set for bands at this point being at the pinnacle of the genre. There are instances where some of the tracks feel a little uninspired mainly from an instrumental point of view, in some cases making you think “Didn’t I just hear this?” Of course there is variation and differences in all the tracks on offer at times, however it’s easy to get lost here, but they may be growers not showers, but I’ll leave that for you to decide.

At the root of it all Bury The Traitor are absolutely beginning to climb the mountain that is British Metalcore right now armed with these six new tracks, as well as their existing EP’s, they are sure to start paving their ways into your playlists and shows in the coming months. Offering fresh material and the hunger of a new outfit on the scene and are sure to scrap their way in and grab their time in the light.

Bury The Traitor are set to release Ascend To Clarity on February 14th independently

Score: 7/10

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