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InVisions are a Metalcore band from York, UK, and with their secondary album Between You & Me, they could potentially become the highest bidders for the title of heaviest Metalcore band in the world right now. Combining crushing riffs with huge orchestral synths amongst a plethora of other sound, ranging from tight Deathcore vocals through Nu-Metal verses, they wear their influences on their sleeves and accentuate each and every one of them to their maximum potential.

Opening track 'Good For Nothing' bellows in with no holding back, a gargantuan wall of stringed instruments backs the crunchy gut punch of guitar. Hard hitting from the get go, but composed in it's delivery, this track pulls you through the entire range of sound you can expect forthcoming from the rest of the album. 'Too Far Gone' is even heavier than the previous, featuring both the blegh's AND the bree's for a devastating delivery so powerful it sounds like Satan himself wrote it beefed up off the protein powder. 'Follow Me' showcases frontman Ben Ville spectacular clean vocals alongside a more sinister tone, and by this point on the album if anything is clear it's this: InVisions aren't fucking around here.

It'd be far too easy to compare the orchestral backbone of these tracks to Bring Me The Horizon's revered Sempiternal, but there's a different tone at play with 'Worlds Away', it's in equal part pensive as it is destructive. From track to track, the brutal clobber of drums and the hammering of guitars is unrelenting, from start to finish it just does not give in, 'Too Little, Too Late' and 'Heretic' demonstrate alarmingly rife mosh pit potential, make no mistake, someone somewhere is gonna get hurt to these songs one day. 'Memoriam' comes in with an intro that sounds like Architects having a bar fight with Crossfaith, and is one of the most melodic tunes on the album, complete with a riff so slick it could cut buildings in half.

Eighth track 'Dead To Me' is a song that'll cuss you out and spit on your mangled carcass, there's certainly no holds barred in the language on display here, with a particularly brazen moment coming from a guttural roar of “you're still a cunt”. The biggest take away from Between You & Me is just the sheer driving force of power that carries the album forward, if heavy music isn't your thing then there's not a lot for you to appreciate here, and if you aren't already keen on the genres that typically have the word 'core' at the end of their name, this isn't going to be your intro band to the world of heavier music. However, if you are well versed in this type of sound then this record will sock you in the face with a strong right hook and then smack you again with a left one, and you'll understand why a description that sounds so aggressive is nothing but a good thing.

InVisions are primed and set, and with this album it seems almost impossible that they could falter, it's ballsy, it's aggressive, it hits like a sack of bricks to the skull and it's certain to go down flawlessly on the live circuit. Stick this band on any Metal line up and they're bound to go down well with a decent portion of the crowd. Stick this band in your gym playlist and you won't need to be lifting weights, picking up this record will do the trick instead.

Score: 8/10

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