Push! - Dark Dive | Album Review

Lisbon Hardcore unit PUSH! recently dropped their latest album Dark Dive, a blistering foray of gnarly brutalism that marks their third full length release as a band. Visceral and raw, this album embodies many of the qualities that keep fans coming back to the genre, making prevalent use of each members instrumental abilities alongside frontman Nuno Cruz's rough vocal style.

'Free At Last' opens the record up with a bang. Chuggy guitars and lots of shouting, this track leads the charge at a steady pace ready for 'Denial And Envy' to up the ante and deliver the heavy hits; before leading into title track 'Dark Dive', which once again doubles up on intensity. Combining a bundle of blast beats, riffs, bass-line and growling vocals into the fray to remarkable effect, despite the brief runtime of just two minutes and eight seconds. There's little by way of variation, but if through and through aggressive Hardcore Noise is what you're seeking then you've certainly found it here. With every track seemingly more intense than the last, demonstrated perfectly by 'Pitfall's stonking great riffage levels and bassy jangling between bridges.

Instrumental interlude track 'Left With Memories' allows a refreshing pause for reflection, as if reaching a safe room on a video game before being let loose back into the wild lands. Come to think of it, PUSH! probably wouldn't be out of place soundtracking the DOOM franchise, as a gloriously pounding 'With Love' delivers a steady beatdown with the full force of a roundhouse kick to the chest. Chuggy and powerful, Dark Dive, rages ahead full throttle like a freight train in the night. 'Keep Silent' features a groove driven riff reminiscent of earlier Cancer Bats material, and album closer 'Procrastinate' shows off with a swelling great guitar solo before smacking down with more chugging. This is nothing short of intense hardcore, through and through, bound to incite stage diving, mosh pits, crowdsurfing; all the best kinds of controlled chaos at any given opportunity.

Score: 7/10

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