Interview | Burning Witches on how they got their name, tour life and eating children

The tour with Grave Digger has been going on for a while now, how has the tour been for you guys so far? How do you think you have been received by the fans?

The tour started on January 11 th and has been going on for twenty-two days now. The tour will end in February and it has been a really good experience for us with plenty of excitement on the road. This is our first tour with a tour bus and we feel we have been received really well by Grave Digger fans and newer fans too along with performing in front of big crowds; even though the venues have been quite large and some have been small.

Your band name has a simplistic but effective title, where did the decision come from to call your band Burning Witches?

We are five crazy women and we are ready to go crazy to burn for the love and purpose of Heavy Metal; that is why we are called Burning Witches.

'We Eat Your Children' is one of the most controversial song titles out there. Could you tell us a bit more about this track and where the idea originated from?

There is a story behind this song, our vocalist Seraina told us she went one time with her family to the mountains and visiting children touring in those mountains came across Seraina’s appearance with her large amounts of tattoos and piercings and they were looking at her. The parents were telling the children to not go near her as she maybe a witch and Seraina noticed, so she said she was going to eat the children, which was not the case but the title was influenced by the myth that witches eat children.

In your opinion, how well has the new album Hexenhammer been received through the eyes of the world?

So far, we are really overwhelmed with the response we have received prior to the releases of ‘Hexenhammer’ and how the good responses have kept going with the exceeding ratings. We have ended up in Heavy Metal charts in places like the UK, Belgium and even India. We did not expect this at all, but I guess our hard work has paid off and we really did put a lot of effort into this album; including the artwork, the production and the basis of the song arrangements.

Inside the depths of your heavily immersed musicality, who would you say you are most influenced by?

The main influences for the band are Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, however each member of the band listens to various genres; ranging from Jazz to Extreme Metal. It all depends on the mood state we are in at that particular time and just how we feel. The good thing about our band Burning Witches is that we have this range of influences but there is this freshness lurking in our music and lyrically our songs are about special preferences or specific ideas which we can utilise in the depths of our musicality.

'Save Me' is a such a differentiating track from the rest of the pack dwelling in midst of your current set? Could you tell us a bit more about this particular song?

‘Save Me’ is from our debut album and we think as band it would not have been a bad idea to make a ballad to make things a bit more diversified. ‘Save Me’ is all about the earth and how earth now is polluted by humans in a really bad way, therefore this is the reason for this title so we can save the earth and if we lose it, we do not have anything left. We have to take

care of where we live and it is the only thing we have, so we need to cherish it and keep it safe.

How can you say that the wavelengths have changed from your debut album to your sophomore album? Is it a big progression or just a growth of musical development as a strong heavy metal outlet?

With our debut album it was a great experience as we caught attention of many inside the Metal scene, which is a great place to start of course, however with our second album we added more elements with a better production and more ideally-developed arrangements. Overall, in theory there has been a wider development from our first to second album.

What's next in the world of Burning Witches, do you have a headlining tour or tour of your own planned? Are you aiming for a return to the studio in the near future?

We have been invited to play many festivals over Europe, including Summer Breeze, Rock Harz and many other concerts too. We are really excited to do some of these for the very first time. We hope one day we could do festivals like Masters of Rock and Bloodstock but who knows what the future will hold for us; it is all secret for now. For song-writing, Seraina and Romana write the songs and we have started to write new tracks for the next Burning Witches album, however we are unsure when we will go into to the studio to record the third album and how long until we distribute new Burning Witches material into the metal world.


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