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Just when we all thought nu-metal was dead and buried, Leeds-based Blood Youth have resurrected the once mighty genre, merging all the generics you'd find in the genre with their own melodic twist, making for one of the noisiest albums of 2019. After a year of extensive touring with the likes of Crossfaith & Stone Sour, the boys are well and truly back to sonic relevance with their sophomore release, ‘Starve’.

2017’s Beyond Repair offered a softer level of melodic hardcore, which had been carried through from its predecessing EP’s. However, that era is very much dead and gone. Album intro {51/50} is menacing and ominous, before leading us into the vicious title track. From the off, we’re greeted with a much heavier sound than we’ve previously heard. Kaya Tarsus’ vocals are undeniably raw; the improvement in vocal strength from the previous release to present is incredible to hear and really takes this release up a notch. The chorus delivers the melodic aspect we’ve grown to love, making for a perfect opening single.

The nu-metal influence really comes into play in second single, 'Cut Me Open'. Influences from Slipknot and Korn are apparent in the opening play, with Chris Pritchard’s riffs sounding beyond fierce. This clear nu-metal influence carries through the next few tracks, with 'Spineless' pairing Tarsus’ cut-throat vocals with unforgivably heavy melodies, and slow-paced 'Nerve' offering the ultimate hardcore breakdown.

Short interlude {stone.tape.theory} is a calm before the storm, as following single 'Visitant' is relentlessly brutal, colliding against your bones from the off. This sheer ferocity can be found in equal measure on 'Hate' too, which is two minutes of utter angst. Kaya’s vocals are the powerhouse on this record, absolutely smashing both clean and unclean vocals throughout Starve's playtime.

There really is little to no rest bite on this record; it's violently heavy with tinges of melodic hardcore chucked in for good measure - it makes for the perfect release. Inexcusably dark in areas – the lyricism of Starve goes beyond pain on the surface, and delves into Tarsus’ deepest agonising thoughts. This darkness is what makes this record hit so hard, and most certainly makes it a contender for album of the year.

Starve is a turning point for the UK metal scene; Blood Youth have drawn influences from multiple genres to make their own unique sound, and it certainly packs a punch. A brave and bold move for these guys, which has paid off greatly in their favour. This album is every metal fan’s dream and shouldn’t be slept on under any circumstance.

Score: 9.5/10 Facebook:/bloodyouth Twitter: @BloodYouthUK


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