Climate Of Fear - Onset Of Enteral Darkness | Album Review

Despite the visual and audible contrasts between melodic death metal, beatdown and hardcore, it seems throughout the past several years a genre boasting a fusion of the stylings has become increasingly popular within the contemporary alternative scene. One such act who have burst though the ribcage of the scene is Climate Of Fear, a hardcore collective composed of members of Desolated, Cold Hard Truth and World Truth. Despite it’s members hailing from the metropolitan realms of urbanite hardcore, Climate Of Fear’s debut full length Onset Of Eternal Darkness acts as a love letter to the kind of aural treats delivered by acts such as At The Gates, Arch Enemy and Bleeding Though.

Opening with the daunting orchestration that has since become common place within melodic death metal as a whole, ‘Rapture’ instantly shows that Onset Of Enteral Darkness is a more than an attempt at mimicking classic death metal values. With it’s feral, larynx shredding vocals, shrieking guitar effects, frenzied fretwork and moments of haunting melody, it’s immediately transparent that Climate Of Fear perfectly have the capabilities of animating a genre that has become increasingly stagnate over the years.

However, as the album progresses, we see the group explore their respective influences, with the record ebbing and flowing between scathing death metal hellfire, bludgeoning hardcore beatdowns and melodic metalcore structures and passages. Whilst numerous acts in the past have attempted to string together such respective genres within a release, the result is commonly cumbersome and unwieldy, with such artists jumping to each respective genre without finesse and subtlety. In contrast, the fashion in which Climate Of Fear flow between respective genres is utterly seamless. ‘The Cult Of Retribution’ revels in an aura of provoking death metal ambience and ‘Shadow And The Flame’ swings from incendiary and blazing riffs to bludgeoning slams and beatdowns. Each track within this release provokes and awakens dominant primal savagery in the listener, with the technical prowess present only intensifying the sheer aggression present.

Onset Of Enteral Darkness is a colossal arsenal of musical weaponry which Climate Of Fear display and threaten with imposing contempt. There’s not a single track on this record that belongs to a single genre, with each track flowing between death metal fury and hardcore malevolence, with Climate Of Fear only amplifying the sheer aggression and malice synonymous with each genre explored within this record.

Whilst Onset Of Enteral Darkness doesn’t progress or advance the hardcore or death metal sensibilities present, it’s not required to. The record is an unholy unison of all things aggressive that fuses unique stylings together flawlessly. If their upcoming shows are as a hostile, aggressive and as violent as this record they’re going to need to manned by paramedics at all times.

Score: 7.5/10

Onset Of Eternal Darkness is Released March 1st via Demons Run Amok Records