Puppet Kings - The Mountain | EP Review

As music fans, whenever we hear a new artist, we just want them to be really good. We’re always looking for our new favourite band, but we’re also quite an impatient bunch. We like to know right away whether or not we need to jump for the latest bandwagon or stroll away pretending we were never terribly interested in the first place. That’s why records like The Mountain from Puppet Kings can prove a little problematic.

On the one hand ‘Age Of Austerity’ and ‘Bag Of Bones’ are a couple of cracking tracks. But on the other, opening salvo ‘The Message’ is merely alright, while ‘Mountain Song’ opens with a riff which skips a long with a hint of The Rolling Stones' ‘Miss You’, but doesn’t do a great deal after that.

So, this is where the conundrum appears. Where does the truth lie? The boring answer is of course, that it lies somewhere in the middle. The Mountain really is a record of two halves. The Clapham based duo of Tomas Cochrane (Guitar, bass, vocals) and Harry Lehane (Drums, vocals) are clearly capable of magic. But the question you’re left with as the listener is whether they have the consistency to put together and entire album or headline a live performance. That argument, however, is for another day.

When the band really hook things together The Mountain is outstanding. The vocals inject the life and personality into the songs, while riffs soar, and the drums hit you right in the chest. Although, when things don’t quite click, and that spark isn’t quite there, the record suffers. The Mountain isn’t a bad little EP, by any stretch of the imagination, but you can’t help but feel that the guys left something in the studio and they’re capable of more.

Score: 6.5/10

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