For the past decade or so the south wales scene has felt like a hotbed for young contemporary talent. Now with acts such as Dream State and Holding Absence currently waving the flag for the region’s scene, it feels like all eyes are on the southern Welsh coast to see what talents the area offers next. On band who is set to lunge up the rungs of the ladder and to wave the flag of welsh alternative music proudly is the incredible Scavengers.

Forming in the tail end of last year, the respective impact Scavengers have made in their short lifetime thus far is staggering. Whilst the majority of young acts plan their initial first steps with hesitation, the four piece jumped into the fray with their arms out stretched, releasing two singles even before the year came to a close. These singles, ‘Bodysnatcher’ and ‘Merope’, displayed the prowess and a talent of an act who are leagues ahead of their respective age, with the production, talent and skill within their alt-rock craft sounding akin to that of a band with years of experience under their collective belts.

With the local scene rallying behind their call, Scavengers drove home the fact of their skill with their latest single ‘Deadlock’. Spunky and punchy, the pop tinged alt-rock anthem is a far more aggressive and bolstered take on their homegrown and intricate sound. With a swinging saunter and a knowing smirk, the track contains an infectious swagger and an electric strut that perfectly amplifies their technical and writing talents. However, such a swagger is void of the fraudulent and noxious flamboyancy and toxic attitudes typically synonymous with such swaggering confidence. The end result is the sound of an act who are both conscious of the issues of the contemporary scene and know how to animate their work without adhering to false conventions.

On ‘Deadlock’, vocalist Marek Ball states; “Deadlock is about me addressing and acknowledging how different a person I am to who I used to be, and seeing that change in myself, and deciding if I like what I have grown into, or if I do not – I still don’t know, and that is where this deadlock is; I don’t want to move forward until I know where I’m coming from. We’re lucky, we set out to play music and make friends – and within a few short months we’re doing just that. The support we’ve seen has already blown us away, and we’re excited to keep pushing the project and make our new friends proud.”

Now with ‘Deadlock’ under their belts, Scavengers are quickly reaping the spoils of an incredible string of tracks. The band are switftly announcing their first shows and it’s likely that the band will be reaching far flung area’s before this year is up. Before they make their way to your neck of the woods, get acquinted by checking out the video for ‘Deadlock’ below.


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