Live Review: Faun w/ Brother Sea | Islington Assembly Hall, London | 02.03.2019

Folk Rock tends to have a down to earth feel to it (I believe that’s almost a pun). Whereas many bands put on a performance of grandiose splendour to elevate themselves to the status of ‘rock god’, Folk has more interest in presenting themselves almost as musicians who have found old stories and instruments to bring to the awaiting crowd. Standing in the full room was strangely refreshing as it was somewhat easy to get around but very quickly as Brother Sea took to the stage there became a sense of awe and intrigue. They threw in many classic Folk instruments amongst their hypnotic vocals. Like campfire stories each song accompanied an exploration of history and mythology to help to connect audiences with their music. It certainly worked. Setting the tone very well for the rest of the night.


Faun are a German band and have a vast history including 9 albums since their inception in 1998. In this time their style has developed and changed but remains with a heavy influence of Pagan Folk with influences of Darkwave atmospheres. However, despite their popularity reaching many hearts in the Celtic lands, this marks their first time playing to such crowds. They and the audience were overjoyed. The music that they played shared a similar hypnotic gaze from the crowd. The soft melodies empowered audiences to new highlights of glee, bringing back ideas of dancing skyclad with nature. The crowd were enthralled and more than happy to take part in chanting and banging along to drum beats. It made for quite a energetic but calm atmosphere.

With their recent work moving towards Folk Rock more than their earlier work, most of the setlist were with this modern style and they played them with this sense of energy but with a hint of the earlier atmospheres. However their encore brought back some of their more powerful awe inspiring songs. Reintroducing the band in that childish glee that was building throughout their set. They were visibly overjoyed with the reaction of those in the room. That final punch was that sense of climax that you’d get from a ‘one with nature’ folktale. Helping these moments were beautiful renditions of ‘Wenn Wir Uns Wiedersehen’ and ‘Egil Saga’. [7]

The night was powerful in a trancelike meditative quality that can befall those who submit themselves to Folk music with heart and soul. Enveloping the crowds with dancing energy and general good will. There is a sense of kinship in a very dream-like and atmospheric way. Faun were overjoyed to be playing to their London crowd, as if it had been a dream long time coming. The crowd certainly reacted as such and the beautiful melodies of their atmosphere was overwhelmingly emotional.

Brother Sea

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