If you’re local to the welsh capital or it’s surrounding suburbs, the name Nightlives will likely trigger a knowing smile. On the back of just a few tracks the self titled electro-punks have forged a mighty reputation within the welsh capital due to their genre bending hybrid of a sound, an explosive and turbulent stage presence, and a colossal live sound that threatens the implosion of any venue they find themselves in. Even with just 4 tracks under their belts the group are already being heralded as the next Enter Shikari. Truly, for those hailing from more distant pastures, it undoubtedly won’t be long before you’re acquainted with this act.

Formally establishing themselves in 2016, the group wasted no time on introductions, releasing their first track ‘Tierra Muetra’ shortly after their inception. From here, the foundation was set. In the following year the group released their sophomore track ‘Trivialise’ before releasing ‘Legion’ in early 2018. Despite the mundane reality of life holding them back from releasing content, the stage is where the group initially made a name for themselves.

Volcanic, explosive and tightly chaotic, the technical brilliance found within their craft became swiftly transparent live, and as a result, it was only a short amount of time before Nightlives became a formidable force within the live alternative scene in South Wales. On the back of just a handful of tracks, the group found themselves frequently performing with the likes of Holding Absence and Dream State, as well as destroying stages with the likes of Create To Inspire, Continents, The One Hundred, Phoxjaw, Alazka and Loathe.

Now as we now frolic into the spring of 2019, Nightlives are prepped to take the year by the horns. In January the group released their most ambitious, dynamic and polished offering so far; ‘Under The Radar.’ With it’s prolific and electrifying vocal delivery that mirrors the energy of Enter Shikari, it’s colossal and hammering riffs that hark back to the rise of Hacktivist and it's pulsating breakdown that’s set to annihilate both crowds and venues alike, the track quickly became a pivotal point of discussion within the south west scene. However, it wasn’t just the track that attracted attention. Influenced by the neon tinged golden years of cinematic horror, the accompanying larger than life music video went viral not just among their fanbase, but within the scene as a whole. A savvy, engaging and provoking assault on the senses, the video became nominated for the Cardiff Music Awards under the best music video category just weeks after it’s released.

“Under The Radar is about being frustrated with that feeling of always going unnoticed,” states vocalist Taff Richards. “The story for the music video came from wondering what would happen if someone in that situation was pushed a little too far. The song is so enormous and ridiculous, that we knew immediately that we needed a video to match. We are over the moon to be nominated for Best Music Video at this year’s Cardiff Music Awards. Under The Radar was a very special project for us; myself and Ryan (guitarist) are huge horror fanatics, and we’ve always wanted to try our hands at making our own horror-movie. We came up with the idea for the video very early in the songwriting, and to see it all come to life after months of blood sweat and tears was a wonderful feeling. To have the video recognised publicly and be nominated for the award means the world to us.”

Now with Nightlives on the cusp of wining awards, as well as already been confirmed for this year’s Pwer Festival and supporting Dream State on their biggest Cardiff show so far, 2019 is set to be the year Nightlives truly takes flight. Make sure to vote for Nightlives to win Best Music Video at the Cardiff Music Awards and to watch the fantastic video for ‘Under The Radar’ below!


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